Art History

AP 592.103 | Online | TBA


This online AP Art History APSI course allows participants to explore the AP Art History course framework, the AP exam format and expectations, and the new AP resources that will help them plan and create focus instruction. Attention will be given to the areas where high school students need special focus in AP Art History, and to pedagogical approaches that teachers can use in their classrooms. Throughout the duration of the course, participants will learn about the digital registration process at the start of the school year, with special focus on AP Classroom resources, including unit guides, personal progress checks, AP Daily videos, the AP question bank, and the AP teacher community. By attending this AP Art History APSI, participants will gain deeper insight into the following key takeaways, among several others: Understanding the Course Units and Overall Organization; Understanding the Eight Art Historical Skills, Planning and Pacing for the duration of the Course; Teaching the Course; Assessing Student Progress; The AP Art History Exam; and Engaging as a Member of the AP Community.