Culture Courses

A list of culture courses is prepared by Accessibility Services, each semester and made available to students who complete the FLC GCR with culture courses.

Definition of a Culture Course

To be identified as a culture course, the particular course must focus on the culture of a language taught at Goucher College or one of our inter-institutional programs. A significant component of the course must be based on primary sources that emphasize one or more cultures outside the Western anglophone culture. Only courses with grades of D or higher may count towards completion of the FLC GCR.

If a student wants to take a culture course at another institution, the course must be approved by the chair of the Hispanic and Latinx Studies prior to the student taking the course.

The chair of the Hispanic and Latinx Studies department will assess the syllabus of the course for which students are requesting approval. Students taking a transfer course should follow the Transfer of Credits Policy.

Fall 2023 Culture Courses

Course Number Course Title Instructor
CHI 302 Sex & Gender in Modern Chinese Literature Clay Chou
COM 105 Introduction to Media Studies Cara Dickason
COM 342 World Cinema in Communications in Media Study Flo Martin
COM 435 Global Media Danny Kimball
FR/THE 272Y Intensive Course Abroad Mark Ingram
HIS 213 History of Modern East Asia Evan Dawley
LAM 105 Intro to Latin American Studies Citlali Miranda-Aldaco
LIT 285 Contemporary International Fiction (India, Africa, Australia) Antje Rauwerda
PSC 262 Democracy and Violence in Southeast Asia Julia Chernov
PSC 375 Political Islam Julia Chernov
SOA 283 Cultures of Contemporary Europe Mark Ingram

All Culture Courses in the Catalog

Course Number Course Title
AFR 200/HIS 200 Intro Africana Study
AMS 230 Religions of B'More
ARB 230 Introduction to Modern Arab Culture Dissenting Voices Liberating Visions
CHI 201 Modern Chinese Culture through Film & Literature
CHI 301 Sex & Gender in Traditional Chinese Literature
CHI 302 Sex & Gender in Modern Chinese Literature
COM 105 Introduction to Media Studies
COM 342 World Cinema
COM 357 Intercultural Communication
COM 435 Global Media
CPEB 202 Migration and Refugees in a Global World
DAN 233 West African Dance Technique II
ES 202/HIS 202 The South China Seas: A History
FR/THE 272Y Intensive Course Abroad
HIS 104 Samurai: History & Myth
HIS 131 You Say You Want a Revolution: Changing China
HIS 204 Tumultuous Centuries: Modern Japanese
HIS 213 Survey: Becoming East Asia
HIS 287 The Rise, Fall, and Rise of Modern China
HIS 387 Seminar in Modern East Asia
LAM 105 Introduction to Latin American Studies
LIT 223/WGS 223 African American Women Writers
LIT 285 Contemporary Literature from India, Africa, and Australia
PCE 231 Special Topics in International Film and Literature
PSC 259 African Politics
PSC 262 Democracy and Violence in Southeast Asia
PSC 375 Political Islam
PSY 224 International Psychology
VMZ 287 Preserving a World War II Diary
WGS 150 Women's Experiences in Global Perspective
WGS 253 Haitian History and the Culture of Resistance
WGS 282 Women of North Africa and the Middle East
WGS 337 Gender and Migration: Where are you from? I "detect" an accent
WGS 420 Transnational Feminist Theory and Women's Activism