ACE Services

Academic Coaching Sessions

Our Academic Coaches support students, individually and in groups, on developing and deepening academic life skills. Students may choose to work on the following strategies:

  • Defining and articulating academic goals and intentions and helping students gain clarity and focus
  • Listening deeply and communicating effectively
  • Identifying and threshing out challenges to help with decision-making
  • Offering contemplative practices to manage stress
  • Supporting college-level reading and writing strategies
  • Developing effective time management skills
  • Assisting students in recognizing and working through procrastination
  • Building organizational skills
  • Learning strategies to improve memory and concentration
  • Acquiring note-taking and test-taking strategies



Presented throughout the semester, these 60 to 90 minute workshops encompass an array of topics:

  • Using SMART goals for a successful academic year
  • Mindful planning to help understand the concept of mindfulness in relation to time management
  • SMART reading strategies to help read more effectively and efficiently
  • Overcoming procrastination and strategies for improving motivation

Testing Center

Only students with documented accommodations for extended time on testing may use the ACE Testing Center. If students have a medical or family emergency, please contact the director of ACE for approval.

View our Testing Center Policy.

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