Special Interest Housing

In special-interest houses, students create distinct learning communities and live with a unified vision. They come together to share interests and passions, learn from and support one another, and educate the larger campus community. There are four Special Interest Houses accepting new and returning applicants. These houses include the Language House, the Gaming House,  the Robinson-Barland house, and the Art & Media House.

Every year, students are invited to submit proposals for new special interest houses. The Office of Residential Life also hosts a series of workshops during the Fall semester to assist students with putting their ideas for new special interest houses into action.

For questions regarding the current Special Interest Houses or about creating a new Special Interest House, please contact residentiallife@goucher.edu.

Language House

The language house is a living and learning community that provides students with the opportunity to foster their learning of foreign languages and culture. Speaking a foreign language and attending different foreign language and cultural events is the central focus of programming within Language House. Students who choose to live in this house agree to practice speaking a foreign language in the house. All residents of the House must commit to improving their foreign language and cultural skills. Residents who reside in the Language House are required to attend 8 language tables per semester organized by the language coordinators. More information can also be found at the Language House's blog, found here.  

Gaming House

The Gaming House seeks to provide a central hub for campus gamers for gaming activities, as well as an accepting and friendly atmosphere. The house's mission is to make gaming a more social activity on the Goucher campus, as well as to educate/involve the general campus population in gaming events. Gaming activities include, but are by no means limited to the following:

  • Console Gaming
  • PC Gaming
  • Handheld gaming
  • Trading card gaming
  • Tabletop gaming

Robinson-Barland House

The purpose and mission is to nurture personal growth, interpersonal understanding, and mutual trust as the foundation for the black community on Goucher’s campus. The culture of the house will be a culture of celebration of black culture both locally and throughout the diaspora. This is a house for people who want to be engaged and cultivate community. We value social justice, cooperation, leadership, inclusivity, and respect.

Art & Media House

The Art & Media House is a community for those seeking to share their interest and passion of audio, video, and live-action media with other members of the Goucher community. Through informal social gatherings, regular community events, and continuing annual traditions, the house fosters an inclusive community where individuals can engage with other students with similar interests to enhance their campus experience and build life-long experiences.