Froelicher Hall

In the summer of 2017, Goucher successfully completed one of the largest and fastest building relocations ever on a college campus. While some new students might not have been aware of the large-scale construction effort, more than one hundred first-year students moved into Alcock and Gallagher in August, after the two residence halls rolled more than 500 feet across campus to new foundations.  Read more

  • Froelicher, Alcock, Gallagher (Courtesy: Multivista)  

  • Froelicher, Alcock, Gallagher (Courtesy: Multivista)  

  • Room in Froelicher Hall

  • Room in Froelicher Hall

  • Room in Alcock

  • Moving Froelicher!  

  • A view of Froelicher, Alcock, and Gallagher (Courtesy: Multivista)  

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    Froelicher, Alcock, Gallagher together (Courtesy: Multivista)

Froelicher Hall

This building is named for Hans Froelicher. During his tenure at Goucher (1888-1930), he was a professor of fine arts and German; a dean; and, for one year, the acting president. 

Alcock House

This house is named for John L. Alcock, trustee of Goucher College from 1913 to 1957.

Gallagher House

This house is named for Katherine Jeanne Gallagher, eminent Goucher professor and chair of the Department of History from 1915 to 1947. Dr. Gallagher, an author of many educational and historical articles, was a noted and lively lecturer both at the college and in civic groups.

Tuttle House

This house is named for Charlotte Tuttle Hampton, class of 1895 and a generous supporter of the college.