First-Year Village

Pagliaro Selz Hall opened in Fall 2016 and Fireside Hall and Trustees Hall opened in Fall 2018, creating a “village” for 450 first-year students to live, work, and socialize. First-year students live close to the center of campus, directly adjacent to the Decker Sports and Recreation Center and the new centralized dining center in Mary Fisher. The village was designed for interaction, with prominent communal areas for students to come together to cook, share, and learn with a common room, soundproof study rooms, and a full kitchen on each floor.

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  • Located near the heart of campus and close to the Decker Sports & Recreation Center, the First-Year Village has 450 beds in a traditional residence-hall setting to encourage first-year students to get out of their rooms, meet new people, and begin building friendships to last a lifetime.

  • Pagliaro Selz Hall and the recently completed Fireside Hall and Trustees Hall, create a “village” for 450 first-year students to live, work, and socialize.

  • Students study and hang out in our First-Year Village lounges, which are central points in each dormitory.

  • This lounge in Pagliaro Selz Hall is one of many spaces to study and meet up with friends.

  • This common area is intersected by a stairway that leads to students' rooms.

  • Students gather in community nooks tucked into the First-Year Village buildings.

  • Dorm rooms can be private or community spaces depending on the student.  

  • We want your first year, and every year after, to feel like home.

  • Although the First-Year Village is designed to encourage students into community spaces, the dorm rooms are perfect for quieter, one-on-one moments.

  • Each dorm room showcases a student's unique personality and perspective. Goucher values each individual for who they are within a larger community.

  • In the Fireside Demo Kitchen, students can use the filming equipment to host their own cooking shows played on a large TV screen.

  • Spaces in the First-Year Village are surrounded by windows so that students can soak up some vitamin D when it's too hot or too cold to be outside.

  • The First-Year Village is a central part of campus to help students feel connected to all that is going on around them.

  • Our First-Year Village studio is for all students and fitness levels. Yoga, zumba, HIIT, and barre classes are regularly held here. Students can also use the space independently.

  • The lounges in the First-Year Village encourage people to walk out of their rooms, meet new faces, and hang out with old friends.

  • There are countless spaces in the First-Year Village to build meaningful relationships.

  • This is a faculty apartment in Pagliaro Selz Hall. Faculty live on campus to engage and work closely with students.

  • Hammocks are clustered just outside the First-Year Village buildings to relax or read a favorite book.

  • Part of the First-Year Village courtyard is a small amphitheater where students study, talk, and play music.  

  • Fooseball and pool tables in the lounges are great ways to take a study break and unplug from technology.

  • Meet up with your friends for a game of pool in the First-Year Village lounges.

  • This spacious lounge is perfect for board game nights and study sessions.

  • Many of our common areas are located in areas that students pass through every day.

  • This faculty apartment in Pagliaro Selz Hall allows faculty to become more involved on campus and in students' lives.

  • Our faculty enjoy living on campus and building stronger relationships within our community. This is a faculty apartment in Selz Hall.

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  • This is one of three buildings in the First-Year Village.