Are You Concerned About a Student?

Are you concerned about a student? If you or someone you know might benefit from working with the Office of Student Support and Outreach, please email If you are a current faculty or staff member, please use Navigate to raise a Wellness Alert (located in the “links” section of a student’s homepage). This will send a secure message to Student Support and Outreach and a staff member will reach out to you. Students do not see a copy of this message, but we will outreach to the student to set up a meeting. We work with students on all manners of concerns, and our goal is to be a pro-active support system for students, regardless of the referral reason.

WHEN TO CONTACT OR REFER TO Student support and Outreach

Here are some indicators that it might be a good time to connect the student you know to our office:

The student discloses, you observe, or someone else informs you about:

  • Challenges adjusting to college or to Goucher
  • Struggles with focus, attention in class, or ability to concentrate on schoolwork that is impacting their academic success
  • Feelings of loneliness or isolation
  • The loss of a friend or family member
  • Struggles with depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues
  • Thoughts, statements about, or current struggles with self-harm
  • Thoughts of suicide ideation or of wanting to die
  • A recent experience in the hospital
  • A recent or present illness or injury, whether chronic or acute
  • Struggles with substance abuse, increases in substance use, or prolonged periods of heavy usage.
  • Family transitions, concerns, and sudden changes to the family unit
  • Changes in physical appearance, including hygiene, eating habits, sleep schedules, and attention or focus
  • Behavior that is generally unusual for the student
  • Something that worries you and makes you think the student might benefit from some additional support

Please note that we are NOT counselors, and that it may be appropriate to refer the student to both Student Support and Outreach and the Counseling Center. Also know that part of our process will be to work with the student to identify the resources that can best help them, which will often involve a referral to the Counseling Center on campus.

How we Work with Students

When we receive a notice about a student of concern, this is how our office typically works with the student:

  1. Receive communication about student
  2. Reach out to student
  3. Student Completes intake assessment
  4. Meet with student*
  5. Develop collaborative student support plan
  6. Ongoing accountability support
  7. Terminate student support work

*In some cases, Student Support and Outreach may increase our outreach efforts to ensure student safety and response, including (but not limited to) reaching out to other campus partners or performing a wellness check through Residence Life or Campus Safety.


Please contact us at to learn more about the Office of Student Support and Outreach at Goucher or to refer a student.