A key element to any job search is connecting and growing your network. This will help you learn more detailed information about the industries you're interested in and about potential openings that may not be advertised publicly. Not sure where to start? Follow the links below or schedule an appointment at the CEO.

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Connecting with Alumni

Connecting with Goucher Alumni 
A great way to get started is by connecting with Goucher Alumni right here on campus. Consider stopping by the Exploration Hub for Coffee Chats to begin the conversation

The LinkedIn Alumni tool can help you search for Goucher Alumni in your field or geographical region. 

Professional Associations & Networking Tools

Professional Associations 
A list of professional associations and organizations by industry.

LinkedIn is a terrific resource for online, professional networking.  It provides a great opportunity to connect with professionals in various different fields and levels.  Sign up & create a profile to get started. LinkedIn Jobs can also be a useful tool to help you connect with employers that are looking for candidates that match your experience, jobs with your skill sets, and Goucher alumni working at those employers and in those jobs. 

Video: Professional Networking Using Social Media
Since many job openings are never announced, it's essential to network to give yourself the best chance of hearing about great opportunities directly from other people. Social media is a useful tool to do that.

Informational Interviews

Informational Interviews: The Basics
It can be difficult to separate the realities of a profession with your hopes and dreams for it. But luckily, speaking with someone who actually lives it every day can set you straight on what to expect, and how to prepare for success.

3 Steps to a Perfect Informational Interview
Here’s a three-part process for your next meeting that’ll make sure you get the advice you need and make a great impression.

Strategies for Engaging with Your Network

5 Ways You Can Make Networking Connections that Count
Five strategies you can adopt to expand your professional network and make genuine connections, which can be paramount to landing an internship or post-graduate job.

Video: 5 Tips to Build Your Network
Networks create many opportunities. Often the key to landing a job lies in having a personal connection via your network. Here are some tips for expanding and improving yours.


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