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Faculty and staff play an important role in a student's career education by engaging students in career related conversations, helping students make connections between academic work and career goals, directing students to resources, and connecting student to alumni. The CEO is available to help you and offer you the following links to support you with this important work.

Hire a Student Employee

As a supervisor of student employees, you will need to familiarize yourself with Goucher's student employment policies and procedures.

Click here for Student Employment Policies

Click here for Procedures Concerning How to Hire a Student Employee

Most importantly, before a student may begin working for you, the student must be certified eligible to work on campus by Human Resources.

Click here to check student eligibility with the Eligible Student Worker List.

Goucher Recruit

All student employment positions are required to be posted in Goucher Recruit. Student supervisors will need to create an employer account and submit their job descriptions and have them approved by the CEO prior to hiring a student. Goucher Recruit provides students with 24/7 access to all job listings.

Click here for instructions on how to create an account and post a new job.

Click here for instructions on how to re-post a job that already exists in Goucher Recruit.

Click below for specific information about interviewing and supporting your student employees.

Interviewing Process

Assist Students with Internships

Internships provide students with opportunities to apply classroom learning to work situations, develop skills, and gain valuable experience. The following information can assist you as you work with students pursuing internships.

Locating an Internship

The CEO provides numerous resources for students seeking internships. We first advise students to be utilizing Goucher Recruit. All students are pre-registered in the system and the postings are updated daily. If they need assistance navigating Goucher Recruit, please direct them to our office drop- in advising hours.

In addition to Goucher Recruit, the CEO offers additional resources here. The CEO is happy to meet with any student to help them develop search strategies that meet their specific needs.

Applying for Academic Credit

In order for students to apply for academic credit, we advise them to follow the steps below:

  1. Secure an internship and discuss responsibilities and expectations with site supervisor.
  2. Discuss internship with faculty member in department from which you are seeking credit and request they become the faculty internship sponsor for the internship course. Determine learning outcomes and how to demonstrate achievement of those, in collaboration with this faculty member. It is the faculty internship sponsor's responsibility to decide if the internship warrants academic credit.
  3. Ensure eligibility to receive credit by meeting with Academic Advisor.
  4. If applying for credit for an independent international internship, students need to review those policies and secure approval from the Office of International Studies.
  5. If the faculty member supports the internship for credit, then the student should begin the application process by reviewing the Academic Internship Checklist and completing the Internship Learning Agreement (ILA) found here.

  6. By completing the ILA, emails are automatically generated for approval from the Academic Advisor, Faculty Internship Sponsor, Site Supervisor, and the Office of International Studies(if applicable).

For more information about the roles and responsibilities of the above mentioned people, contact our office.  We’d be happy to help you in your role as Faculty Internship Sponsor  for an academic internship.

Not certain what it means to serve as a Faculty Internship Sponsor for an academic internship? Contact our office, we'd be happy to walk you through it.

What Makes a Quality Internship?

While different employers may have different thoughts and goals about an internship, the CEO puts forth the following criteria for a quality experience:

  • A learning experience, not just meeting the needs of the employer
  • Skills and knowledge gained can be applied to other settings
  • Clearly defined job duties and time frame
  • Clearly defined learning outcomes, related to the student’s professional and academic goals
  • Routine supervision by a professional with the knowledge and experience to do so
  • Resources and facilities to support learning

This criteria was established by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the professional association to which the CEO is a member.

Source and for more information:

Request a Presentation

Helping students prepare for their careers involves lots of new information. CEO staff are available to talk with your students about a variety of career topics. See a list of topics and to request a presentation for your class or group. Your request will be automatically sent to the CEO and we will be touch with you soon after. We will do our best to accommodate your request, but we ask for several weeks notice prior to your desired date.

Connecting Majors & Careers

The resources provided in this page help students explore experiences that can shape their career paths. These resources are provided as a starting point, but we encourage them to further explore available opportunities and to meet with CEO counselors to help in their career education.

Connect Students to Alumnae/i

Goucher alumni are eager to assist students in learning about careers and expanding their network. The Alumni Career Coaches program helps students connect with alumni to talk about career related topics. View the Alumni Career Coaches program page.

Share Employer Contacts or Job/Internship Opportunities

The CEO provides Goucher Recruit, our online database for jobs and internships as a tool to assist students in locating opportunities. The CEO welcomes listings you may receive from your professional connections. You can forward postings you approve to and these opportunities will be posted to Goucher Recruit.

Login to Goucher Recruit

Faculty and staff are welcome to explore Goucher Recruit in order to assist their students. Contact the CEO to request the faculty/staff login information.

Goucher Recruit

Career Outcomes Data

Goucher students go on to interesting and exciting careers. To learn more about where our graduates go, view the Goucher Success website.

Connect with the CEO

Our work is supported through the connections and collaborations we build with faculty and staff. CEO staff are available to assist you whether you have questions about internships or jobs, need support advising a student, want to collaborate on a project, or have general career related questions. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you in order to discuss how our of office may be able to support you or collaborate with your department.


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