Student Online Payment Instructions

  1. Log in to MyGoucher.

  2. Click on the Finances tab.

  3. Click Make a Payment. This will open the Goucher Cashnet website and display your current anticipated balance. The anticipated balance is the total of your charges and credits to date, minus the amount of financial aid we anticipate will be applied to your account.

  4. Click the link for Student Tuition Account, and enter the amount you wish to pay, up to the balance shown. Then click Add to shopping cart button to go to the next page.

  5. Verify that the amount listed is what you intend to pay, then click the Checkout button.

  6. Choose the method of payment. Note: Undergraduate students will only see the option for electronic check.

  7. Enter the required credit card or electronic check information.

  8. You'll have one last chance to review your payment details to make sure they are correct. When you press the Submit Payment button, the payment will be processed.

  9. You will be presented with a receipt on the web page. A receipt is also emailed to the email address entered when entering payment information. You can use the Email Another Receipt to send a copy to someone else, if needed.

  10. If you are finished, click the Sign Out link in the top menu to log out.