WebPay - FAQ

What is Goucher WebPay?

Goucher WebPay is a secure and convenient way to make a real-time payment to Goucher College using a secured website.

How do I access Goucher WebPay?

Students access Goucher WebPay through myGoucher. View instructions..

Can other people make a payment to my account?

Yes. You can provide access to your account information through the Goucher WebPay website. You can grant that access to anyone who wants to make a payment on your account. View instructions..

What payment options are offered?

Undergraduate students can make payments using ACH (Electronic Check). Graduate students can use ACH (Electronic Check) or a credit card.

Can I use ACH (Electronic Check) even if I don't have 'online banking' with my personal bank?

Yes. To submit an ACH payment, you just need the numbers from the bottom of a paper check. The payment provider will contact your bank electronically.

Is there a service charge for using this service?

No. There are no additional fees for using Goucher WebPay.

How long does it take for the payment to be applied to my account?

Payments are applied in real-time. Deductions from your personal account can be immediate or take a few business days.

Do parents need a myGoucher login to make a payment?

No. They will be given a web address they can use after the student has set up their account.