Placement Exams

Data, Mathematical and Computational Sciences (DMC)

All incoming students must complete a DMC self-assessment, which is available online through the new-student portal. This assessment is purely for advisory purposes and is used only to determine placement into your Data Analytics-Foundational level course (DA-F).


All incoming students are required to submit a placement essay based on the prompts we provide online via the new-student portal. Goucher courses require strong writing skills. All first-year students are required to take 4 -5 credits of writing instruction.


Goucher’s Common Graduation Requirements (GCR) include proficiency in a foreign language. Goucher College currently offers the following languages:  Spanish, French, and Arabic. 

All students except native speakers (see below) will satisfy the Foreign Language and Culture (FLC) requirement by taking 10, 8, or 4 credits. All entering students are encouraged to take a language starting their first year.

Students who plan to take French or Spanish classes to fulfill their FLC GCR must take a placement test via the new-student portal.  The Language Placement Test is used to place you in the language course appropriate to your present knowledge and proficiency.

If you are interested in studying Arabic, you will be placed in the first platform course.  If students have previously studied Arabic and want to discuss a higher placement level, they should contact

Foreign Language Placement Test Notes:

  • No dictionaries or other sources may be used during the test.
  • Placement exam results have an expiration date of one year. You will need to retake the placement test after two or more semesters if you have not taken the language course you were placed in unless you have opted to satisfy the language requirement with another language altogether.

Native Speaker

A native speaker is usually a student who has completed high school in another country.  Native speakers are typically international students and citizens of another nation, were born abroad, and their family often still resides abroad.

Students who are foreign nationals and/or native speakers and writers of a language other than English may be exempted from the language requirement if they provide evidence of their proficiency. Documents serving as evidence include a high school diploma from a school where English is not the primary language and a note from a high school teacher or college faculty member from the student’s home country attesting to the student’s native proficiency in the language.

Please contact Florence Martin, Director of the Center for Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, for more information.


Any student wishing to take music theory is required to take a placement exam. Please email indicating your interest. The music placement exam will take place prior to meeting with your academic advisor so that you can work with them to make any changes to your schedule. More information about the placement exam will be posted later and will be listed in the Orientation schedule booklet which you will receive when you arrive on campus.


Any student desiring to take either a ballet or modern technique class beyond the beginning level should add Dan 999 to their schedule to secure credit for dance technique classes. During Fall Orientation there will be a placement class that will determine your level of ability and you will add the appropriate dance technique classes to your schedule and remove Dan 999. The placement class will take place prior to meeting with your academic advisor so that you can work with them to make the changes. More information about the placement class will be posted later and will be listed in the Orientation schedule booklet which you will receive when you arrive on campus.


In order to prepare for placements at Fall Orientation, please fill out the form in the new-student portal to register for riding evaluations. These evaluation sessions are for all students who plan to participate in riding. The results from the placements will determine which course level you will take, as well as Varsity Riding team additions. Please come prepared to ride in breeches and boots, or long pants for beginners, and a ASTM-SEI approved helmet. If you do not have a helmet, we will not be able to evaluate you during these sessions. If you have any questions at all about placements, please feel free to email Jen Bunty, Director of the Equestrian Program at

If you have any questions about placement exams, contact the Academic Dean's Office at or 410-337-6460.