Student Accessibility Resources

Campus Resources

Goucher College provides the following support services for all students. Students with disabilities are encouraged to take advantage of these resources.

Academic Center for Excellence (ACE)

ACE provides a wealth of resources, including individual academic coaching sessions, academic and wellness workshops, content-based supplemental instruction sessions and content-specific peer tutoring. The center is staffed by professional Academic Coaches and a trained graduate intern, and by Lucy, the greeter dog. ACE also offers relaxation and stress reduction strategies through yoga, meditation and other wellness practices.

We are conveniently located in the newly-renovated Julia Rogers Building, room 233, in the academic quad.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center tutors help writers with any piece of writing in any stage of the writing process, including brainstorming, organization, revision and rewriting and proofreading. A typical writing center session is anything but typical. Each session is individually designed to help whatever the particular student needs assistance with. Anything related to writing, we can handle, so bring it on in.

The Writing Center is located on the fourth floor of the Athenaeum, overlooking the Hyman Forum.

Counseling Center

Goucher College's Counseling Center provides professional counseling services to all students within the Goucher community. Goucher's counselors can assist with a broad array of issues including anxiety and depression, stress, eating disorders and substance abuse. Counseling services provided on campus are free, confidential, and do not require a referral. Services include brief individual counseling (typically 1-12 sessions), couples' counseling, group counseling, and outreach and consultation.

Library Resources

The Goucher College Library provides a dedicated Kurzweil 3000 text-to-speech setup for the use of students, faculty, staff and other Library community members. Users can scan printed materials, such as books or other course readings, and the software will read the text aloud to the user. Students with a documented disability can also access Kurzweil Firefly, available for download to your personal devices through the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE).

The library also subscribes to Bookshare, an accessible online library. To gain access to the service, please contact Nancy Hesselbein at ACE.

External Resources

Baltimore County has assembled a comprehensive resource guide (PDF) for individuals with disabilities.