Workday Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What is Workday?

Workday is a system that will allow Goucher to recruit new employees, store employee records, process hiring and benefits information and run payroll and all our critical accounting and business affairs processes. Unlike PowerCampus, Great Plains, Ultipro, and Interview Exchange, Workday is a single, unified, modern, secure, and mobile-ready system that will replace these disparate systems and provide a single interface to support all of these different business functions. These will soon be available in one place on the web and via mobile app.

How is Workday related to the institution’s strategic plan?

Investing in technology will allow Goucher to serve its students, faculty, and staff more efficiently, which is a key component of the College's strategic plan. Learn more about Goucher's strategic plan.

What am I able to do in Workday?

Here are some of the actions you can perform in Workday:

  • View and update personal employee data including compensation and benefits packages
  • Update banking information and view pay stub
  • Manage time off work (e.g., vacation, sabbatical, FMLA)
  • Submit time in/time out for daily work
  • Submit and approve expense reports
  • Manage procurement and supplier requests
  • Manage new hire process from recruiting to onboarding
  • Document and manage goal-setting, mid-term reviews, and performance reviews
  • Use mobile app (offered but not required) to quickly manage processes (e.g., create expense reports, submit time off, and update personal information)

Can employees update their personal information in Workday?

Yes, employees can view and easily update much of their own personal information in Workday at any time, including preferred name, pronoun, gender identity, and more. Changes requiring legal documentation, such as a legal name change or change in citizenship status, can also be submitted through Workday for routing to Human Resources. Please view the related job aids on our Workday Training site . These types of job aids can be found in the “Workday Essentials for All Employees” section.

How will I be notified when actions need to be performed in Workday?

Workday functionality includes a personal inbox where notifications are received. Workday will notify users through email that they have a pending task to complete in Workday. Thus, users will not have to log into Workday daily to check if they have a task in their Workday inbox.

At what point can employees update their benefits?

Enrollment periods will remain the same. Employees are able to easily update and manage their benefits through Workday and will no longer need to fill out paper forms and submit them to HR. Employees can also see their entire compensation and benefits package.

How can I update my direct deposit for payroll?

You can easily review or update your current direct deposit using the ‘Update Payment Elections’ within your Workday profile. Use the job aid to add/edit/manage your payment elections for direct deposit. 

Where can I find the biweekly and/or monthly pay period schedules?

Here are the biweekly and monthly pay schedules:

Biweekly Pay Schedule.pdf (

Monthly Pay Schedule.pdf (

How are expense reports submitted in Workday?

Expense reports are created and managed in Workday. The employee creates a report, indicates the business purpose, attaches a photo of the receipt, and includes a brief description. The expense report is sent electronically to the manager for approval. Please visit Workday Training to review the job aids related to expense reports under the section, Working With Money in Workday.

What can I do in the Workday Mobile App?

Employees who enter time can enter their time worked in the mobile app. Employees can view time off balances and submit absence/leave requests. Managers can approve time and leave requests. You can access your inbox, view your payslip, and complete other basic, self-service functionalities. For more advanced business processes, use the desktop version of Workday. The use of the Workday Mobile App is optional. Use the job aid to set up the Workday Mobile App.

What should I do if I'm having an issue with Workday?


Requesting An Absence

What types of paid absences are available for staff to request?

Full-time staff:

Vacation, sick, bereavement, community service, injury, jury duty, unpaid time off.

Part-time staff:

Maryland State sick, bereavement, community service, injury, jury duty.

I am a non-union staff member.  How do I request, correct, or cancel an absence?

Use the job aid for instructions.

I am a service and maintenance union staff member.  How do I request, correct, or cancel an absence?

Use the job aid to submit absence requests through the timeclock. Log into Workday to correct or cancel an absence request; use the job aid for instructions.

Can I request, correct, and/or cancel an absence using the mobile app?

Yes. Use the job aid to download the mobile app.

I requested absences in UKG/UltiPro for dates that occurred after March 17, 2023.  Do I need to request them in Workday too?

Non-exempt staff:

Absences that were requested and approved in UKG/UltiPro for dates after March 17, 2023 need to be re-entered in Workday.

Exempt staff:

Absences that were requested and approved in UKG/UltiPro for dates after March 31, 2023 need to be re-entered in Workday.

How do I request an absence that is related to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)?

Use this site to initiate an FMLA request. Once your FMLA is approved by the Office of Human Resources, use the job aid to set up leave and request paid time off in Workday.

I am an exempt staff member.  Under what circumstances, would I select ‘unpaid time off’?

  1. If you have exhausted your available ‘vacation time off,’ you may select ‘unpaid time off’ for a full day absence to handle personal affairs.
  2. If you have exhausted your available ‘sick time off,’ you may select ‘unpaid time off’ for a full day absence due to illness.
  3. You do not need to select ‘unpaid time off’ for FMLA absences


Absence Balances 

How do I view my absence balances?

Use the job aid for instructions

I see an absence balance for Community Service Leave.  What is that?

Goucher College’s Community Service Leave policy is available here. Follow the same request procedures for Community Service Leave, as you would for requesting vacation or sick leave.

Will my absence balance reduce when the leave is requested, approved, or taken?

  1. Your absence balance will reduce when the time off is taken. 
  2. You can go to ‘View Absence’ and change the effective date to see available balances as of a future date.

I am a non-exempt staff member.  If I enter an absence on my timesheet (rather than by requesting an absence), will my leave balance adjust accordingly?



Supervisor Responsibilities

How do I approve an absence request for a direct report?

Use the job aid for instructions.

Can I approve my direct report’s absence request using the mobile app?


Can I correct or add an absence request on behalf of my direct report(s)?

Yes, see page 4 of the job aid for instructions.

What is my role if a direct report requests an absence related to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)?

Use the job aid to manage FMLA leave requests.