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Welcome to Workday@Goucher. Your one-stop shop for updates, training information, and frequently asked questions. Phase I of Workday, time entry and absence, is now live. Workday HCM and Financial business processes go live Monday, April 3, 2023. Visit our FAQ page for more information.


Workday Launches in:

News & Updates

Payroll Drop-In Sessions

Beginning Friday, March 24th, we are offering drop-in sessions for entering and submitting time worked and approving time in Workday. Links to join these sessions were sent via email the morning of March 23rd. For self-service guidance, visit Workday Training to view the related job aids for these payroll processes.

Please feel free to attend the following drop-in sessions:

Entering and Submitting Time:
Note: For hourly, non-exempt and student employees who submit their time worked

  • Friday, March 31st from 3-4PM

Approving Employees’ Time:
Note: For supervisors who approve their hourly and student employees’ time

  • Monday, April 3rd from 8-9AM

Payroll Reminders

Non-Exempt Full-Time & Part-Time (Non-Union) Employees and Student Employees:

Effective March 18th, you must record your hours worked in Workday and submit them for approval at the end of each pay period!

The deadline for submitting your time for approval will be every other Friday at the end of your last shift in the pay period. We recommend setting a reoccurring reminder to submit your time every Friday to avoid potentially missing a deadline.  

The first due date for submitting your time in Workday will be Friday, March 31st. Time approved late will be paid on the next pay date. - please plan accordingly!  

Supervisors of Hourly Non-Exempt Employees and Student Employees: 

The first deadline for approving time in Workday will be Monday, April 3rd by 9 a.m. Approval deadlines in Workday will be strictly enforced. Time not approved by 9 a.m. the Monday after each pay period will not be processed until the next bi-weekly pay date.

Visit Workday Training to view the job aids related to time entry and approval if you need assistance.

Workday Payroll Change Cycle 

Employees currently paid weekly will change to a bi-weekly cycle effective March 18, 2023. 

  • Last weekly paycheck issued: March 24 (pay period March 11 – 17, 2023)
  • First bi-weekly check issued: April 7 (pay period March 18 – 31, 2023)


Training Information

Training is now available for non-exempt employees, student employees, and their supervisors for time entry and absence. Below is the training schedule for live online sessions. The links to join these trainings were sent via email. Note: The remaining training sessions will be recorded.

Course Name

Course Description

Workday Essentials for Staff and Faculty - Payroll, Absence, and Time Entry

Length: 1 hour


Wed 3/29 10:00 a.m.*


Workday Basics: Getting Started video (5 min) should be viewed before attending this session.

This course introduces staff and faculty to Payroll, Absence, and Time Entry tasks in Workday. Participants will learn how to:

  • View or Change Tax Elections, access W-2, access paystubs (relevant to all faculty and staff)
  • View Absence Balance (relevant only to staff)
  • Request Absence (relevant only to staff)
  • Enter Time Worked (relevant only to non-exempt staff)

Related Job Aids:

  • View or Change Tax Elections
  • View W2
  • View Payslips
  • Manage Payment Elections
  • Request Absence
  • View Absence Balance
  • Enter/Request Intermittent Leave/FMLA
  • Enter Time Worked (Hourly)
  • Time Tracking Mobile UX

Workday Essentials for People Managers and Supervisors - Managing Team Time Approval

Length: 30 mins


Wed 3/29 2:00 p.m.*

Workday Essentials for Staff and Faculty must be taken prior to attending this course.

This course will build upon the Workday Essentials for Employees course introducing functionality that People Managers and Supervisors will use to manage teams. This will include approval of time and leave and the team management dashboard.

Related Job Aids:

  • Manage Team Absence
  • Approve/Correct Time for Direct Reports
  • Access a Worker’s Time
  • Update Work Contact Information


Cutoff/Freeze Dates

To prepare for a smooth transition from our legacy systems to Workday, please adhere to the following cutoff/freeze timelines:

Legacy Cutoff/Freeze Date (Last Day)

Finance and HCM Business Processes


All Credit Card Purchases Completed

3/28/23- 4/3/23

No Credit Card Use/Purchasing During This Time


All March Credit Card Transactions Coded and Approved in ESP by COB


Download W-2s and/or Paystubs

Starting 4/19/23-6/30/23

Request copies of your W-2s and/or Paystubs from 

*For more information regarding these cutoff/freeze dates, please review the FAQ page.