Resources for Faculty

Attendance Reports - Due 3 times:

  1. After your first class meeting (as soon as possible, but no later than September 2.) If your class doesn't meet at all before September 2, you can just start by submitting the second class attendance report by September 7.
  2. The second report should be sent between September 2 and September 7
  3. The final report for the semester should be sent between October 18 through October 22

Attendance Reports - Instructions (PDF)

Approving or Denying Course Change Foms (PDF)

Authorize On-line Registration - Instructions (PDF)

Contact Office of the Registrar

Courses That Satisfy GCRs

Entering Grades - Instructions (PDF)

Fall 2021 Final Experience/Exam Schedule (PDF)

Important Dates for Faculty 2020-21 (PDF)

Important Dates for Faculty 2021-22 (PDF)


Petition - used for an exception to academic policy. Only faculty may access this form.

Room Descriptions

16 Week Class Time Slots Spring 2022 (XLSX)