Entering Grades into myGoucher

Time Period for Entering Grades

The Registrar's office will announce times when grades can be entered into myGoucher.

Grades already entered by the Registrar's Office

Please note that the following grades have been already entered by the Registrar's Office:
Incompletes (I),Withdraws (W), Audits (AU), Year (YR) and Repeat courses (XG and RG). As in the past, if a course is repeated you will select "X" and the grade being given (i.e. XB) or "R" and the grade being given (i.e. RC+).

A grade MUST given if an I, AU, W, YR, XG or RG are not already entered. No student grade is to be left blank.

New Roster for College Writing Proficiency

ENG 105 and 106 as well as WAC courses PHL 275 and PHL 260 will have a separate roster for submitting college writing proficiency (CWP). You will see a roster for the course as well as a roster for CWP. Make sure you enter and save the grades on each roster. The grades for CWP will be PW (passed) and NW (failed).

Entering Grades into myGoucher (PDF)