Entering Grades into myGoucher

Time Period for Entering Grades

The Registrar's office will announce times when grades can be entered into myGoucher.

Grades already entered by the Registrar's Office

Please note that the following grades have been already entered by the Registrar's Office:
Incompletes (I), Withdraws (W), Audits (AU), Year (YR).

A grade MUST given if an I, AU, W, YR are not already entered. No student grade is to be left blank.


  1. Use your web browser to go to https://my.goucher.edu
  2. Enter your Goucher username and password.
    Entering Grades 1

  3. Click on the Classes tab
    Entering Grades 2

  4. Click on the Grading option and hte Grading - Overall Grades screen will appear.
    Entering Grades 3

  5. Click on the Course Number in the right-hand pane to open the grade roster.
    Entering Grades 4

  6. Enter the student’s grade into the My Grade column. Click the Save button, at the bottom of the page, to save the grades. You can continue to make changes to student’s grades until you click the Submit Final button. The Submit Final button writes the grades to the student’s transcript. Any changes to grades will need to be made by SAS once the Submit Final button has been used.

    If you need to submit a portion of your grades, such as when you submit grades early for graduating students, enter the grades and submit those as final. You be able to enter the other grades later until you submit those as final.