J-Jobs (January 4-26)

Students who wish to work on campus during January Term will have the opportunity to apply for a three-week work project with an on-campus office. Students will be able to work up to 29 hours per week. All J-Jobs will be classified as level 2 jobs (at a pay rate of $11.25 per hour). Room and board will be provided to students working a J-Job. J-Jobs will be listed in Goucher Recruit (to access a complete listing of active J-Jobs, log in and click on the J-Jobs shortcut on the right-hand side of the homescreen) and students will have from late October until Early November to apply to any J-Jobs they may be interested in. Supervisors will contact students directly from early to mid-November to arrange for interviews. Hiring decisions will be made by mid-November. Contact the Career Education Office if you have any questions regarding the J-Job program.