January Term Course Registration

Registration for J-Term courses and housing will begin on Monday, October 30, 2017 and end on Thursday, November 9, 2017. Students will be able to sign up for a J-Term course through their myGoucher account. Advisors do NOT need to "authorize" students to register for J-Term courses or workshops

There are 4-credit and 2-credit courses are being offered.  Students are encouraged to sign up for a total of 4 credits during J-Term – one 4-credit or two 2-credit courses.  Students can also sign up for just one 2-credit course.

Emails will be sent to students on Monday, November 13 or shortly thereafter to confirm students' course registrations or notify them regarding cancellations.

Students can register for on-campus housing during J-Term. Students planning to live on-campus during J-Term must have a Spring semester housing assignment.  Exceptions to this policy must be obtained from the Office of Residential Life.