Pilates Class Schedule

The Pilates Center at Goucher offers Group Classes as well as Private Lessons.

Group Classes

Book a Group Class

We are welcoming everyone to participate in our group mat classes in person again! We will run Zoom during our live classes for those who wish to participate virtually.  Zoom IDs listed below. 

**Please Note: Friday and Saturday classes are running virtually ONLY at this time. 

To participate, please create a free Zoom account. Click Join meeting and enter the Zoom meeting ID provided below. Classes will use the same ID, listed below, each week for the session.

Mat Class Pricing

  • Drop-in: $20/class
  • 5 class card: $80 
  • 10 class card:  $160
  • 15 class card: $240

* Faculty/Staff discount: $10/drop in
* Note: Make ups for missed classes are allowed in any class during the session.

Winter/Spring 2023 Schedule

Wednesday January 4th - Saturday May 27th

No Classes: MLK Day Monday January 16th 


9:15am Level 4/5
Zoom ID: 912 9133 6317

Noon Level 3
Zoom ID: 986 9297 2272

6:15pm Level 1
      Zoom ID: 997-9905-5852



5:15pm Level 4-6
      Zoom ID: 926-8852-2958



9:15am Level 3/4
Zoom ID: 945 0933 0988

Noon Level 1 (IN PERSON ONLY)



10am Level 3**
Zoom ID: 992 3622 8244



9am Return to Life Mat**
Zoom ID: 979 6431 9716

10am Level 1**
 Zoom ID: 921 3370 0851

11am Level 2/3**
Zoom ID: 973 4458 6582


**Classes running Virtually ONLY. 


Open Level: Accessible enough for the beginner, challenging enough for the advanced. Open level classes guarantee a great workout for all. 

Level 1: A great class for anyone new to Pilates. If you have never taken Classical Pilates mat classes before, this is where you should start!

Level 2: For the experienced beginner. Solidify your foundational practice and move into the intermediate work.

Level 3: For those at an intermediate level. Deepen your knowledge of your body and the Pilates method.

Level 4: For the strong intermediate practitioner. Start to learn the advanced Pilates mat under the supportive direction of our expert instructors. 

Level 5: For those with a solid knowledge of the advanced Pilates mat. Continue to hone your practice and become more independent in your workout. 

Level 6: For the Pilates Superstar! A deep understanding of the Pilates method and the needs of your own body are required. 

Magic Circle: Intermediate (Level 2-6). Learn to challenge your workout with your magic circle. This prop helps you feel the challenge of the Pilates mat while helping you connect more deeply into your body. 

Return to Life Mat: Advanced Level (4-6) Directly from Joe Pilates' book Return to Life.  We do the Mat like Joe intended on Saturdays!  Challenge your mind + body, modify as needed!

Barrel Workshop: Intermediate (Level 3-6). This class is for those who have their own spine corrector or small barrel made by GRATZ, Pilates Designs, or Pilates Lineage. Learn how to use this piece of apparatus and dive deeper into the Pilates method to strengthen and lengthen your body. 


If you are unsure of your level or have any questions please email us at pilates@goucher.edu.