"I started Pilates because I heard it could improve my golf game. I have continued Pilates because it has improved my life. I am stronger, more flexible, more balanced and just flat out function better in my day-to-day activities. I wish I had started earlier, but feel fortunate I started at all. The teachers at the Pilates Center at Goucher College are the best, they know what they’re doing and will challenge you." — Fritz Meyer

"The Pilates Center at Goucher shines as a hallmark of superb Pilates Instruction.  Its comprehensiveness is noteworthy and unique, as the combination of mat, Reformer, and a full array of other apparatuses makes the breadth of the program highly coveted.  The instructors are not only extremely knowledgeable about all the Pilates mat and apparatus exercises, but teach them incredibly well.  They have helped me to counter asymmetries caused by scoliosis and for the first time, my scoliotic curve stopped progressing." — Gabbi Berkow '10

"Changed my life!" — Kathleen Cahill

"I am very enthusiastic about the Goucher Pilates Mat classes. The teachers are highly skilled and very supportive. When I began I could not do any of the exercises, but with their careful coaching, I am making progress. It has been enormously helpful for my arthritic joints. I can also detect real improvements in muscle strength and flexibility which is very important for those of us over 60! I have recommended the Program to friends here and in New York." — Ruby Hearn

"Speaking from experience, the Goucher College Pilates program is the best I've ever taken-with terrific, knowledgeable instructors who are true to the Pilates Method. I've been a student for four years and am continually amazed by the quality of the teachers and genius of the Pilates method. As a competitive triathlete, it's helped me enormously. I can perform at peak levels without injuries and feel fit and strong, thanks to Pilates at Goucher." — Stephanie Cooper, Age 43, Ironman triathlete

"Here is what I have to say about Pilates. I tell this to most people who ask me about it (I've been trying to get skaters into it because it really helps with core strength. Like dancers, most skaters' legs are more powerful than their powerhouse).

I love Pilates because even though the exercises are really hard (and they don't get any easier the longer you've been doing them!), I leave my sessions feeling totally invigorated, like my whole body has breathed. I never feel like I've run 10 miles after a workout. I always feel better after I've had a Pilates workout, even on days when I'm feeling lousy.

I used to have chronic lower back pain, sciatica, and pain in my hip rotators. All of that totally disappeared after I had been doing Pilates for a year. Pilates has also helped me in ballet classes and in figure skating.

I feel like Pilates has totally reshaped my body. After about a year of doing semi-private lessons and two years of mat classes, my body shape started to look different-I had much more of a waistline and better-defined arm muscles, and a lot of people were telling me they thought I had lost weight (even though my weight stayed the same). I was stunned to poke my stomach one-day and feel muscles there.

If I were to calculate how much money I've spent on Pilates, it probably would be a lot, but it's worth it to me in terms of the long-term health benefits, pain and stress relief, and body/mind awareness that I feel it's given me. It's the only form of exercise that I've done in which I've never injured myself." — Mika Sam

"Goucher College teaches Pilates the way it should be. They teach the pure and untainted method, as taught by Joe. They teach Authentic PilatesTM nothing less." — Kathryn Ross-Nash

"Pilates at Goucher has reshaped my whole body! I am stronger, longer, and leaner than I have ever been. I look forward to my twice a week mat class." — Stephanie Broderick