October 1, 2023

Goucher Campus Safety

Dear Goucher Family and Friends,

The Office of Campus Safety Goucher Campus Safety exists to support the educational and directional mission of Goucher College. Its staff members are committed to providing high quality, community-oriented campus safety services that facilitate the provision of educational services to the students of the college. The office strives to protect the rights and safety of all members of the campus community and uses problem-solving strategies to address the security concerns of students, employees, and guests.

Our office is located in Heubeck Hall (in Robinson House), on the ground floor, directly across from the Office of Residential Life. We are staffed 24/7, 365 days a year. Our phone number is 410-337-6111.

Services housed within the Campus Safety Office: emergency response, one card issuance (replacement fee $10), safety escorts (from dusk until dawn), emergency lockouts, lost and found, and vehicle registration and parking enforcement.

There are multiple ways a crime or emergency can be reported to us:


CampusShield Smartphone App


The Office of Campus Safety collaborates with our colleagues across campus to participate in various events where we provide information on general safety tips and periodically hand out Birdie Alarms.

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Stay Safe,

Goucher College
Office of Campus Safety