December 1, 2022

Global Education

Dear Goucher Parents and Friends,

With holidays around the corner, I would like to share a few highlights of 2022 from the Office of Global Education, along with our warmest greetings.
Despite the lingering effects imposed by the pandemic on international travels, Goucher students, faculty, and staff have practiced their adaptability and resilience to grow our study abroad and global engagement programs. This past July, our faculty successfully ran their ICA (Intensive Course Abroad) with 30 students in Glasgow, Scotland. This coming January, another ICA class with two professors and 20 students will travel to Bali, Indonesia. In addition, 47 students did semester-long programs at Goucher-sponsored sites; 75 students studied abroad through other programs. The life-changing study abroad has significantly enriched their college experience.
In the meantime, we have continued our successful study abroad alternatives for the second year, enabling students unable to study abroad to have a meaningful global learning experience at home. This year we’ve had 128 students engage with peers from around the world through a virtual exchange platform offered by Stevens Initiative. This virtual platform allows our students to participate in synchronized discussions with their peers from other countries such as Morocco, Iraq, Tunisia, and the Netherlands on topics that include climate change, work culture, social change, political climates, and other relevant subjects.
Still others took the Global Engagement Seminar and shadowed Goucher alumni from industries where cross-cultural communication and global leadership are exemplified daily. All these experiences prepare our graduates for their future professional lives and equip them well to help tackle the many issues that face our world.
As we explore new models of global learning, our faculty continue to stay ahead. Working with staff colleagues from the U.K. and Germany, we organized a very engaging conference at Goucher highlighting Faculty Leadership in the Changing Landscape of Global Education. Building on its tradition of study abroad, Goucher College is expanding its scope of global education to embrace and create new approaches, as well as an innovative curriculum to prepare our graduates for the world that’s becoming further interconnected.
To make study abroad more accessible to Goucher students, we embarked on a new partnership with ISEP, a leading academic exchange network, which has not only expanded the number of study abroad options but also made study abroad more accessible and equitable to every undergraduate student. This partnership allows more international exchange students to access a Goucher experience. As of this fall semester, we have 50 international students enrolled in our classrooms, hailing from 29 countries.  
To revitalize our international partnerships, this September, President Devereaux, Vice President Aarika Camp, and I visited our partner institutions in Japan and South Korea, where we also met with our students currently studying there. While in Tokyo, we hosted a Goucher Presidential Reception, which drew alumni who graduated as early as the 1960s and attended as recently as 2021. In an era of pandemic-induced isolation, our innovative spirit to stay connected with the world has been well-received by our partners, students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Today, the Goucher learning community is more active than ever in engaging each other in cross-cultural activities; the Goucher International Student Association hosted its annual international festival, and the international alumni came together for Gophers Around the Globe.
Our efforts have been all the more rewarding; our students and programs have received scholarships and awards for their creativity and dedication to global learning, and the experience we offer has been featured in publications, conferences, and invited presentations through national and international media.

As we celebrate the success of 2022, we wish to share the joy and wish you all the best for a wonderful holiday season!
Luchen Li, Associate Vice President of Global Education
Professor of Literary Studies