Learning Goals & Outcomes

The Goucher Public Health major provides students with a solid foundation for graduate study in Epidemiology, Environmental Health, Global Health, Health Policy and Management, Community Health, Health Education, Behavioral and Social Sciences, and related fields such as Medical Anthropology, Sociology, Health Economics, Development Practice, Non-Profit Management, or Public Administration. While there are no prerequisite courses required for most master's programs in Public Health, undergraduate training in Public Health increases students’ competitiveness for admission to these programs. The internship and study abroad experience encouraged for Goucher Public Health students also help to set them apart from other graduate school applicants.

Upon completion of the Public Health major or minor at Goucher College, students will be able to:

  1. discuss the socioeconomic, behavioral, and environmental factors that impact health and contribute to health disparities;
  2. interpret measures that describe the distribution and determinants of disease in populations;
  3. compare and contrast global health trends and organizational structures of health care systems around the world; and 
  4. design and execute a Public Health research project and effectively communicate findings.

Updated: December 2023