Program Timeline & Mission


Though you will have five years to complete all the degree requirements, most students will do it in two years. Each year you have the opportunity to participate in two nine-day residencies at Goucher where you will work intensively with faculty and peers and learn from site visits and guest speakers. Here is a sample program timeline and an average timeframe for completing the program. The number of credits you take each semester will determine how long it will take to complete the program.

Program Timeline

For specific dates, please download our academic calendar.


We provide students with business mastery for application in creative, social, environmental, and triple bottom line organizations.  The mission of the M.A. in Management program is to develop leaders who possess organizational management and strategy skills to be able to provide leadership during dynamic economic and social change. This program equips students with the language, tools, and experience to manage people and resources effectively, manage risk, identify new opportunities, and meet the needs of their stakeholders. This degree is designed for students who want to be actively engaged in triple bottom line organizations, which are organizations dedicated to creating economic prosperity, as well as positive ecological and social impacts.

The educational objectives to fulfill this mission are broad-based, and include a curriculum that develops the ability of our graduates to communicate to both internal and external stakeholders to frame the issues, influence positive change, inspire teams, and be effective leaders. It emphasizes using the best practices of business while creating an active learning culture that embraces social and environmental justice. 

This degree is for students who are seeking to blend their interest and experience in social, environmental, and creative work with the technical tools they need to plan, organize, and lead organizations. This enables our graduates to contribute toward developing sustainable solutions that will harness the practicality that comes from good entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Graduates in the M.A. in Management program will demonstrate the following:

  1. A strategic understanding of the key functions of business management, marketing, accounting, economics and strategic planning
  2. The ability to identify and assess internal and external factors and their potential impact on the organization
  3. The ability to assess the impact of structures, systems, and decisions on the organization's ability to achieve its strategic objectives
  4. An understanding of management and leadership styles and their impact on individual and organizational performance
  5. Knowledge of practices that contribute to the creation of an organizational culture and work environment that foster employee motivation, morale, and ethical business practices
  6. The ability to effectively communicate ideas and concepts orally and in writing