The On-Campus Experience

The Residency Experience

Students in our degree programs report that the residency times are some of their most productive, enjoyable, and creative times.

At the beginning of each new semester (January and August), you will spend one week on Goucher’s campus in Towson, Maryland. Despite being a mere eight miles from downtown Baltimore, Goucher is a beautiful wooded enclave, complete with a tranquil pond, wandering geese, well-landscaped grounds, and numerous hiking trails. Charming historic buildings sit near brand-new facilities, including our newest building, the Athenaeum, which contains, among many other spaces, a high-tech library, a public forum, classrooms, a café, an art gallery, a radio station, a center for community service, and places to meet and converse.

Your residency will be dedicated to study, exchange, and discovery. While you’re here, you’ll attend classes for an average of five to six hours per day on weekdays and participate in additional evening and weekend activities, including informal portfolio critiques, informational interviews, and casual get-togethers. You will also have the opportunity to attend marquee music and media events in nearby New York, Washington, DC, and Philadelphia and meet industry leaders.

During the week and a half residencies, students and faculty gather on campus to work intensively and collaboratively.  In addition to taking classes, students build works of art with their classmates and have special opportunities for professional development.  

The residencies can be intense, but they are always productive. You’ll get to know fellow students and make professional connections with dedicated, talented professionals from all over the country. You’ll sit down with the program director to plan or adjust your course of study. And you’ll meet face-to-face with our nationally known faculty members for the courses you’ll be taking online during the year. Each subsequent residency will offer more new opportunities for travel, events, collaboration, and experiential learning.