Frequently Asked Questions

Who should apply to this program?

This program is well-suited to fit a wide range of backgrounds. Whether you have a full-time job, are a recent graduate, or looking to develop skills in data and policy analysis—this program accommodates a variety of needs. While you do not need an extensive analytical background, you will need to feel comfortable with learning such material as that makes up the core of the program.

How does the program work?

In order to complete the program, you must take a total of 36 units, which equates to 12 courses. Of the 12 courses, you must complete 9 required courses and 3 elective courses. The program is 100% online—with courses offered during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.

How long will it take to complete the degree?

The program can be completed within two years, depending on the number of courses taken each semester. Once enrolled, students must take at least one course per semester, and have a maximum of five years to complete all requirements.

What qualifications do I need for the program and how do I apply?

Admission to the program requires the completion of a Bachelor’s Degree, as well as completion of a course in Statistics. Students who are citizens of or in residence in other countries must have the ability to function successfully in English.

Can I transfer units from another institution?

Yes, but they have to be graduate units and the maximum amount you can transfer is 9 units.

What financial aid is available?

Yes, there is financial aid available. You are also eligible to apply for federal student loans, outside grants and scholarships.

Tuition/Financial Aid

What is required for admission?

In order to apply you will need to submit:
  • A statement of purpose that outlines why you would like to join the program and why you believe you would be successful in the program
  • 2-3 Letters of Recommendation written by those who can speak to your academic and/or professional background and ability to succeed in the program
  • Official transcripts from every higher education institution where you were granted a degree (Associate's, Bachelor's, and/or Master's)
  • A current resume or CV that outlines experience, education, skills, and accomplishments

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Do I need to take the GRE for admission to the program?

No, there are no graduate-level entrance exams necessary to enter the program. If you have taken the GRE, you can submit your test scores to support your application if you would like.