Reducing Student, Classroom & School Disruption: Prevention & Intervention Approaches

In this new 36-credit Master of Education specialization educators explore research based pro-active strategies that minimize disruptions and maximize instructional time in the classroom.

An Effective Approach

Research has demonstrated that negative student behaviors can be prevented through building a strong classroom and school community, and can result in increased academic outcomes for students. Using classroom management theories, research, and best practices to prevent student disruption, educators will analyze the interaction of student effects (e.g., developmental, cultural, linguistic, and varying disabilities,) and teacher effects (e.g., attitudes, styles, expectations) in creating a safe and productive classroom environment.

Specialized Content

Strategies discussed will involve communication; instruction; classroom environment and structure; rules, routines and procedures and developing and maintaining meaningful relationships with students. This course will include approaches to bullying, conflict resolution, restorative justice, and mindfulness among others.

The first course offered fall 2017 is completely online: Preventative Strategies, Classroom Management and Communication (3.0 credits).

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