M.Ed. Requirements

Core Requirements

A total of 35-36 credit hours is required to complete the program. Students ordinarily complete 15 credit hours in five core courses, including:

  • ED 601 Theories of Development: A Lifespan Perspective,
  • ED 602 The Social and Psychological Forces Affecting Youth or ED 608 The Sociology of Education,
  • ED 603 Personality Development and Self-Esteem,
  • ED 604 Contemporary Issues in Education: A Look at the Twentieth Century, and
  • ED 605 Research Methods.

          (other courses maybe designated as core within a specific specialization)

Six credit hours in four clinical courses, including:

  • ED 651 Values and ED 652 Mediation of Conflict

Additional 14 to 15 credit hours as follows:

  • Three credits to be taken in an elective course and
  • Three credits to be taken in a research seminar while implementing an action research project.
  • Each student selects an area of specialization. The requirements for each are detailed in the areas of specializations.