M.A.T. Requirements

As a result of Maryland State Department of Education requirements for teacher certification, candidates for the M.A.T. degree must complete the Praxis I examination and obtain a passing score as designated by the MSDE. Applicants may be accepted as provisional students without obtaining passing Praxis I scores, but must pass the Praxis I before being considered for degree candidacy or beginning their internship.

Another option for passing Praxis 1 is to submit one of the following: SAT scores of 1180 or better after March 2016; 1100 or better from 1995 to March 2016; a combined score of 1000 prior to 1995; ACT score of 24; Prior to September 1, 2011, GRE composite of 1000 for math and verbal; GRE taken as of September 1, 2011 a combined score of 297 for math and verbal. For more information about Praxis scores, please visit the MSDE website

For information regarding test sites and registration procedures, contact Educational Testing Services (ETS), PO Box 6051, Princeton, NJ 08541, 1-800-772-9476 or www.ets.org/praxis.

Candidates for the M.A.T. degree leading to certification must successfully pass the appropriate Praxis II Content Knowledge Examination before the student teaching portion of the internship.

Those students wishing to do their internship in middle school (elementary/middle certification) must have completed a “minor” in the content area in which they will be teaching.

Those students wishing to do their internship in a high school (secondary certification) must have completed a “major” in the content area in which they will be teaching.

Basic Requirements

All students in the M.A.T. program must complete

Fifteen credit hours in core courses:

  • ED 601 Theories of Development: A Lifespan Perspective
  • ED 672 Assessing Needs and Evaluating Progress
  • ED 680 Theories of Learning
  • ED 682 Foundations of Reading and Language Arts, and
  • ED 686 Foundations of Special Education

Three credit hours in clinical courses:

  • ED 656 Effective Techniques of Classroom Management and Discipline
  • ED 660 Reflective Planning – Reflective Teaching

Six credit hours in internship experience:

  • ED 687 Internship with Seminar

In addition to these 24 credits, students will take the required courses for their areas of certification. Areas of certification are listed here.

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