Meet the Q-Tutors

Quantitative Reasoning (QR) Center Peer Tutors (or Q-Tutors) are Goucher undergraduates who are highly qualified and have excelled in their specialty courses. They have successfully taken Goucher QR-related courses, been recommended by faculty, and meet high academic requirements. Tutors attend training and professional development workshops throughout the semester to improve in tutoring best practices.

Tutor Information & Schedule


Economics Major

About: Hi! I'm a sophomore from Brooklyn, New York. In my free time I enjoy playing video games, DnD, and baking.

Advice: experiment with different learning and study styles to find what's best for you, don't restrain yourself to a singular style or type!

Favorite food: tandoori chicken or salmon sushi


Biology Major Chemistry Minor with Premed Concentration  

About: Hi! My name is Alex and I am a junior from Massachusetts. I’ve worked in residential life, sports teams on campus (volleyball and tennis) and GPEP. I love taking adventures around the city with my friends. 

Advice: Professors are there to help you and they want to! 

Favorite Food: Sushi 


Elementary Ed Major

About: Hello! I am a junior majoring in Elementary Education and I am from New Jersey. I love being outside, photography, and playing games in my free time. Ask me about my love of Excel!

Advice: Ask questions, people are more than willing to give insightful answers

Favorite Food: Watermelon


Math and Physics major, Computer Science major

About: Hello, I am a junior majoring in Math and Physics and minoring in Computer Science. I am from Ethiopia and love watching TV shows in my free time. I'm here to help so feel free to stop by.

Advice: Don't hesitate to ask for help. There are a lot of resources for you.

Favorite Food: Ethiopian Food


Computer Science and Integrated Data Analytics Majors

About: I am a member of the Goucher College Swim team. I also am co-president of SAAC, the student athletic advisory committee. In my free time, I play dungeons and dragons with my friends, and build small video games. 

Advice: Get to know your professors, and take advantage of their office hours and SI sessions.

Favorite Food: Any breakfast for dinner item. I love eating breakfast for dinner. 


Physics Major, 3 + 2 Engineering with JHU

About: I am a third year at Goucher from Hershey, Pa. I was the SI for DMC 101 during J-Term ‘20 and the TA for the Spring ‘20 semester. I also teach the Bootcamp classes for the Goucher Wellness & Recreation Center. When I am not studying you can catch me running, dancing, going to hot yoga, walking my dog…basically always moving and staying active.

Advice: Take breaks!! If you ever get stuck, stop what you’re doing take a 15 minute move-around break and then dive back in. This way you can reset, recharge, and then work more efficiently.

Favorite Food: Smoothies!! (all different fruit combos)


Business Management Major

About: Hi! I’m a junior pursuing a degree in business. I’m from Los Angeles, CA and I love drawing and reading in my free time. I have also worked two consecutive summers as an administrative assistant performing payroll tasks.

Advice: Read the chapter before class. Always take notes from the textbook and during lectures. Ask help on anything you need. That’s why we’re here!

Favorite Food: Mexican Food


Economics and Integrative Data Analytics Major

About: Hey! My name is Matt. I am from Hampstead, Maryland and I enjoy my time on campus playing soccer for Goucher and spending time with my friends.

Advice: Don't be afraid to ask questions and ask for help!

Favorite Food: Steak


Computer Science, Integrative Data Analytics double Major and a Mathematics Minor

About: Hello, I am originally from Russia but now I live in Philadelphia. I am also the President of the new Japanese Learning Club on campus. I enjoy all things geeky and technological and enjoy learning Japanese in my spare time. 

Advice: If you have a mental block or stressed, go for a walk or take a drive to clear your head for a little while. 

Favorite Food: Ramen


Chemistry Major

About: I’m Trinidadian and I am a huge foodie and I enjoy playing video games and binge-watching tv shows. I also enjoy Karaoke in my downtime.

Advice: Take advantage of office hours and if you don’t understand something, please ask a professor or someone so you can get help.

Favorite Food: Pholourie and aloo pie


Physics Major in the 3+2 Engineering Program with Columbia University 

About Tes: Hi! My name is Tes and I am a Junior Physics Major in the 3+2 Engineering Program with Columbia University. With being at Goucher for only 3 years, I am taking advantage of all that our amazing school has to offer- varsity volleyball, varsity tennis, GPEP, being an RA and being a QR tutor. You could probably catch me laughing in the dinning hall, working hard on the courts or studying in the Ath at any one time in the day. 

Advice: Step outside of your comfort zone- you have no idea where it will take you!  

Favorite Food: Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake)