QR Center Tutors


Ayana Leblans

Major: Dance Major, Arts Administration Concentration
About: Hi! I'm from St. Mary's County, Maryland. In my free time I love being in nature, baking, reading, and being a first-year mentor. I help support QR Office Management.
Support Specialties: DMS 101/102, Excel
Advice: Don't beat yourself up over mistakes, but learn from them!

Ben Levine

Major: Chemistry
About: Hi! A bit about me is I come from southern Maryland and I’ve been playing ice hockey for 11 years (Go Caps!). A few of my hobbies are acting, wood working, and mitzvot (the act of helping others). 
Support Specialties: General chemistry and basic physics, graphing and functions in Excel
Advice: A school study tip of mine is when you need to study for an exam/test start studying a few days in advance and figure out what you don’t know, from there study again the next day working on what you don’t know and then on the final day go over everything again and 9 times out of 10 you will be in a much better spot!

Charlie Schaefer-Canner

Major: Data Science / Spanish
About: In my free time, I like to run and play chess. 
Support Specialties: Calculus (DMC 172), Statistics (DMC 106), Data Analytics (DMC 1010), CS 116, Linear Algebra (DMC 321), Machine Learning (DMC 345), Excel
Advice: A study tip I have is to make sure you save all of your notes so you can go over them before a test.

Dorian Cheney

Major:  Biology, PreMed, Psychology
About: In my free time I love to compete in track meets and hang out with my friends.
Support Specialties:  BIO101, BIO102, BIO 224
Advice: Throughout my time being here at Goucher I have learned a lot about studying and one tip that I have for everyone is to study in increments and do not cram before a test. Cramming for a test puts a lot of stress on the brain and prevents you from retaining any of the information you are trying to remember.

Greta Clement

Major: Business Management / Economics
About: I am from Haiti. I am studying buisness management and economics. In my spare time, I enjoy dancing and playing fun games. I work in the Bilingual Homework Hour.
Support Specialties:  DMC, Excel
Advice: Stay organized and manage your time effectively. It is important to go back to your notes and set achievable goals. 

Jackson Beam

Major: Business Management
About: I am very interested in music and spend a lot of my free time learning about and creating it. 
Support Specialties:  EC111, DMC 101, BUS 115
Advice: A study tip I would give is before studying for big quizzes and tests in classes, write down everything you remember learning about in class on a scratch piece of paper. It helps you be confident in what you already know.

Jeremie Nyamwema

Major: Business/ Economics
About: I am majoring in Business management and minoring in Economics. I like to play soccer and go to the gym. A fun fact about me is that I can speak 3 languages fluently ( English, French, Kinyarwanda) and I came to the US in 2018. 
Support Specialties:  DMC, Excel
Advice: Treat college as a full-time job if you want to succeed.

Katie Kanaski

Major: Econ Data, Business Management, CS
About: I am a member of the women’s lacrosse team here at Goucher. I am majoring in Economics and Integrative Data Analytics and minoring in Business Management. 
Support Specialties:  EC 111, EC 211, EC 311, EC 312, DMC 106, BUS 210, BUS 365
Advice: If you have access to the textbook for your course, read over the material and highlight or make notes, especially with concepts you went over in class and are struggling to understand.

Marc Vives

Major: Econ Data, Business Management
About: I'm from Spain and I can help with Spanish, Economics and Business. I like soccer, econmomics and politics.
Support Specialties:  EC 111, DMC,  BUS 

Marcellus Mwangi

Major: Economics, IDA
About: I'm comfortable with helping people in calculus and economics. I enjoy spending time with my friends and listening to music. I work in the Bilingual Homework Hour also.  
Support Specialties: Calculus, DMC, Excel
Advice: Begin studying for tests on the first day of class by keeping up with assignments and readings, attending class and taking notes, and using available help regularly.

Rahel Mario

Major: CS, Econmics, Data Analytics
About: I am from Ethiopia. I am here to help. I help support the QR Office Management and support many indiviudal tutoring sessions.  
Support Specialties:  CS, DMC
Advice: Take every opportunity to upgrade yourself. Focus on your goals and keep going!

Teresa Okello

Major: Biology, Chemistry, Public Health
About: A few hobbies of mine include exercising and my favorite study technique is quizzing myself with flashcards! I also work the Bilingual Homework Hour.
Support Specialties:  BIO 101, BIO 102, CHE 111, CHE 151, BIO 220, BIO 224, BIO 324

Vanessa Cisse

Major: Psychology
About: I am from Harlem, NY. Outside of studies, I enjoy hanging out with my loved ones, spending time out in nature, traveling, and my favorite of all, watching true crime!
Support Specialties:  PSY 250, SPSS
Advice: I 100% recommend spacing; spacing out your study time will definitely help you retain the information rather than cramming the night before and forgetting it all before you get to the exam. 

Zayan Sami

Major: BioChem, Molecular Bio
Support Specialties:  DMC 172, Calculus, Chem 111, Chem 151, Chem 230, Chem 235
Advice: The best tip I can give for studying would be to redo homework, quiz, and test problems (and try explaining them to a friend when you're done).