Become a Q-Tutor

Here's your chance to become a Quantitative Reasoning Center Peer Tutor (Q-Tutor) 

Hiring Timeline:

The QR Center is not currently hiring. Please reach out in the Fall if you have interest in a Spring 2021 position. For formal applications, apply on Goucher Recruit and email with any questions. The application requires a resume and faculty recommendation form from a faculty member you've had for a STEM-based course at Goucher.   The position description is provided below. 

Soft deadline for Spring 2021 Positions: Monday, November 2

Applications accepted on rolling basis until all positions are filled. 

General Q-Tutor Position Overview

Peer tutors assist students utilizing Quantitative Reasoning and Data Analytics (DA) skills in their coursework, research, and capstone projects through drop-in sessions and individual appointments. Our goals are to help students become stronger, more confident real-world problem solvers. Tutors are also responsible for completing projects related to educational outreach, marketing, and/or teaching. These tasks have included, for example, visiting classes to publicize our services or hosting content workshops.

Working as a Q-tutor for the QR Center gives you the opportunity to:

  • develop transferable skills for future employment
  • strengthen your own academic skills and learning
  • help your peers become better learners
  • cultivate leadership abilities

As a Q-tutor, you will be expected to provide academic learning assistance to students in one-on-one and/or group settings. Time commitment varies but may reach up to 10 hours per week. There are multiple roles for Q-tutors provided at the QR Center:

Drop-in Q-Tutoring

  • Includes several 1-3 hour shifts in the QR Center per week
  • Provides assistance to students in the drop-in QR Center space in the Learning Commons for a variety of subjects utilizing QR skills

Individual Q-Tutoring

  • Work with students in a 1-on-1 capacity for specific QR skills
  • Meet with assigned students for scheduled, 30-minute and 1-hour appointments

Training & Professional Tasks

  • Attend a day-long training prior to the beginning of the semester
  • Complete the Fundamentals of Quantitative Tutoring DMC 121 course by first semester tutoring
  • Complete session forms, timesheets, and other administrative paperwork
  • Participate in marketing activities such as class visits
  • Develop supplementary QR and DA workshops, worksheets, and materials



  • Be able to perform all the duties listed above
  • Have a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Be an effective communicator, collaborator, and problem-solver
  • Have an approachable demeanor and positive attitude
  • Have a passion for learning and helping others
  • Be available for a full day of training the day before classes begin your first semester tutoring
  • Be available and able to register for DMC 121 Fundamentals of Quantitative Tutoring
  • Be able to commit between 4 and 10 hours per week to the QR Center


  • Have taken multiple courses in different disciplines that utilize QR skills
  • Intent to major or minor in a Q-based discipline