Outside Scholarships

Outside scholarships provide an additional source of funding for students. Searching for and applying for outside scholarships will require research, time, and effort. It is true that there is no guarantee for success. You will need to fill out applications, write essays, and sell yourself. Does this sound like something else you will need to do in the future? Consider applying for scholarships as building your skill set for future job-hunting! Even if you are not chosen, the experience will be valuable. The more you try, the more successful you will be.

As established and reputable as these outside internet resources are, it is impossible for our office to diligently pre-screen all scholarships. Always be attentive to potential scholarship scams! If you are being asked for money, or a credit card, or being told that you are guaranteed to receive a scholarship, then be wary!

Students must report all outside scholarships that you expect to receive to the Office of Student Financial Aid when you become aware of them. Your financial aid award will be reviewed and may be adjusted according to institutional policies and federal regulations. You will be notified of any adjustments. Total financial aid, including outside scholarships, cannot exceed the cost of attendance.

If you have received an outside scholarship, please use this online form:

Outside Scholarship Notification Form

Due to the high expectations and work involved in applying to become a Truman Scholar, students must contact the Office of the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies by November 1st of the academic year in which they plan to apply.


Ideas for Finding Outside Scholarships

Scholarship Source

How to Start

Additional Information and Tips

Your High School or PTA

Ask your teacher, guidance counselor, or school librarian: "Are there any school sponsored scholarships for students who will go to college after they graduate?"

You also don't need to wait until your senior year. Start early! Even if you have to wait to apply, you can learn about the process. Talk to any fellow students who were awarded and ask for tips and suggestions on applying.

Your Parents' Employer, Professional Association, or Workers Union

Ask your parent for a contact name, or phone number for a human resources office, or even a general switchboard at a main office. Call, let them know you are the child of an employee (or member), and you want to know if scholarships are available.

Many companies (or associations/unions) have scholarships, or offer some kind of benefit for employees' dependents. In many cases, your parent may not even be aware of a potential benefit. Your parent will need to be involved in the process, of course, but try to complete the forms and learn how things work on your own so you can more easily do what is needed in future years!

Your Place of Worship

Ask the leadership or office staff about scholarships, or assistance with college expenses.

Even if a scholarship isn't already in place, you may be allowed to do a fundraiser to other members of your spiritual community for a sponsored scholarship. Show your leadership, and why college is important to you. Your place of worship can then send a check for the funds collected on your behalf.

Your Service Club or Civic/Religious Organization: Rotary Club, Lions Club, YMCA, YWCA, Kiwanis, Knights of Columbus, etc.

If your parent or family is a member, then ask your local branch or the main/national office about scholarships.

As with places of worship mentioned above, even if a scholarship doesn't exist, then you may be able to do a fundraiser to your local chapter for an organization-sponsored scholarship.

Community Foundations and Organizations: City, County, or State groups.

Start with your city or neighborhood and expand from there to your county and state. Search for organizations that serve your community in some way, and may not require a membership other than being a resident of that community. Then, contact them and ask about scholarships!

Organizations may not be a specific government organization, but a nonprofit entity that serves the community.

Try a google search for:
foundation scholarships [your location]

Scholarships Based on Demographics

Try a google search, or create a profile with your personal demographics at a reputable scholarship search engine.

Many highly specialized scholarships are available for a variety of demographic categories including: gender, major, racial identity, sexuality, religious affiliation, age, class year (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Graduate), and more.


Reputable Scholarship Search Resources & Common Applications

PLEASE NOTE: Many of these sites allow you to apply to multiple scholarships with one common application. Always be attentive to potential scholarship scams! If you are being asked for money, or a credit card, or being told that you are guaranteed to receive a scholarship, then be wary!

Specialized Scholarships

Scholarships for International Students

These are scholarship resources specifically for International Students.