Veteran's Benefits

Goucher College accepts and participates in most U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs educational benefits chapters. For VA Benefits chapter and eligibility information visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. If you already know your benefit chapter, then you may also use the VA's Comparison Tool to estimate your benefits.

Yellow Ribbon Program

Goucher College is proud to participate in The Yellow Ribbon Program. *Undergraduate students who are Yellow Ribbon eligible will have all tuition and required fees covered by their VA Benefits combined with Goucher College's Yellow Ribbon matching grant. They also receive a housing allowance directly from the VA which is usually more than enough to cover the basic housing costs of a resident student. (Since the housing allowance is paid monthly, most families need to make payment arrangements for some portion of room and board at the beginning of the semester before they begin receiving benefit payments from the VA.)

Goucher College does not limit the number of Yellow Ribbon participants or the dollar amount of matching grants, however students do need to acknowledge the key points of program participation. If you are Yellow Ribbon eligible and interested in using your benefits at Goucher, please e-mail us for more information.

(*Graduate students and Post-Baccalaureate Premedical students are not eligible for Yellow Ribbon matching grants.)

How do I start?

Before submitting any Goucher-specific paperwork to us, you will need to apply for benefits with the VA and obtain your Certificate of Eligibility:

Apply for VA benefits

If you need any assistance with transferring benefits or applying to the VA for benefits, then you may call the VA at 888-442-4551.

Goucher Process & Paperwork

All Goucher College students using VA benefits for the first time should submit this form along with their Certificate of Eligibility:

VA Policies and Procedures (PDF)

This VA Benefits form should be submitted prior to every term, when you are confident of your enrollment plans:

VA Benefits Form (PDF)


Special Consideration for Graduate Students

Students who are in Graduate Limited Residency programs should take note that residency sessions are certified separately from the regular online coursework sessions. Therefore, your "rate of pursuit" as designated by the VA is not the same as your "enrollment status" for billing or traditional financial aid purposes. This means you will not receive the full housing allowance, but a pro-rated housing allowance based on the VA Guidelines.

Information & Resources on VA Benefits

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