Medical Assistance & Transport

Emergency Medical Assistance/Medical Transport

Resources for students who need medical assistance after hours are located on the website of the Student Health and Counseling Center.

If a student is too sick to make necessary arrangements or needs physical assistance, an officer will respond to the student's location and request an ambulance if warranted.

Medical Transportation by Cab

Goucher has implemented a cab service for students who need transportation to receive routine or non-emergency medical attention off-campus (if 15 miles or less). Students will be able to obtain this service from Jimmy’s Cab Company. Students will have no initial out-of-pocket expenses and the cost will be billed to student’s college account. Up to four people may ride in the cab for the same fare.

Four offices on campus are authorized to activate this service:

  • Student Health and Counseling Services
  • Residential Life
  • Campus Safety
  • Athletic Trainer
  1. The authorized caller will call Jimmy’s Cab Co. at 410-296-7200 and provide the account number and directions to Jimmy's dispatcher.
  2. The authorized caller will complete the appropriate part of the voucher(s), which will then be given to the student after obtaining the completed Billing Authorization form from the student.
  3. The student will give the cab driver the appropriate voucher for the destination indicated on the voucher. To return, the student will call the original authorizing office. The student will return by cab to that office and give the cab driver the return voucher at that time. If the possibility exists that the student will return after the authorizing office closes for the day, the authorized caller will advise the student to call the Office of Campus Safety for the return authorization.

Request for return from the hospital when the injury or accident occurs off-campus:

When the student requires cab transportation to return to campus after an off-campus injury or accident, the student will call the Office of Campus Safety at 410-337-6112. Campus Safety will call Jimmy’s Cab Company and authorize the return trip to campus.

Medical Transportation by Campus Safety

If a student is unable to obtain transportation from Greater Baltimore Medical Center, St. Joseph’s Hospital, or a near-by medical facility to campus, Campus Safety will help arrange for transportation back to campus. Campus Safety officers, as well as other staff and faculty members, are not able to transport students to or from any medical facility.

Campus Safety is unable to provide transportation to a pharmacy for students to have prescriptions filled. A student should request that his/her doctor call in prescriptions to a pharmacy that offers a delivery service. Pharmacies that deliver to Goucher include: Lykos (410-252-4225) and Neighbor Care (410-583-9895).