Religious & Spiritual Life

The Office of Religious & Spiritual Life seeks to support the students, faculty, and staff at Goucher College in living a whole-hearted and connected life. Our Chaplain, along with the Religious Advisor to the College, are available to members of our community to offer spiritual counseling, support with religious accommodations, services for major holidays, and opportunities for deep conversation and connection.


Who We Are

Rev. Maeba Jonas, Chaplain

Rev. Maeba Jonas, M.Div (she/her/hers)
Chaplain and Director of Religious & Spiritual Life



What We Offer

Exploration of Meaning & Purpose

We believe college is a time to grow intellectually, emotionally, and morally. We value opportunities for moral and ethical discussions that go beyond the classroom and engage a diversity of cultural backgrounds and beliefs. Check out our Events page to learn more about opportunities for engagement as a Goucher Student.


Space for Community & Belonging

Our Chapel is located at the heart of the campus along Van Meter highway and is open to all members of our community regardless of religious affiliation. The Sacred Space inside the Chapel is an intentionally Interfaith environment where services for Jews, Muslims and Christians are held throughout the week and year. Any person wishing to find a quiet place to meditate, reflect or pray is welcome. Learn more about Sacred Spaces at Goucher.


A Safe & Inclusive Campus

Every member of our community is free to practice their religious tradition or spiritual path without fear of discrimination or threat of violence. Find more information on the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice page. Goucher faculty, coaches, and staff are encouraged to provide reasonable support for food, housing, meals, and attendance in order for a student to practice their religion. Should you need such support, please fill out the Religious Observance Request Form or contact Rev. Maeba for more information.


Please see our Religious Holidays page for more information. 


For Jewish Students

Goucher College is proud to be one of the top 20 schools by population for Jewish students. We strongly support our students from all branches of Judaism to practice their faith and explore their Jewish identity while they are students at Goucher. Our dining hall boast a wonderful Kosher Section that is open to all students. We seek to respect religious observances and host a Shabbat meal and service every Friday. We also hold High Holiday services in our Chapel during the year with support from Rabbi Josh Snyder, Director of Goucher Hillel.



Goucher partners with Hillel International along with Rabbi Josh Snyder, along with the rest of the Hillel team. Find more information on the Goucher Hillel website.



Goucher seeks to be a campus supportive of all Jewish students. To that end, we also partner with Towson University to bring a Chabad Rabbi Mendy Rivkin to our campus to support our Orthodox Jewish students.

Rabbi Alex Colon and Chana Colon are also Chabad partners who serve the Goucher community. 

Find more information on the Chabad of Towson and Goucher website

For Muslim Students

Goucher College has a small but vibrant Muslim Student Association (MSA). The MSA meets regularly and offers weekly Jummah Prayer on Friday afternoons in the Sacred Space (Upper-Level of the Chapel). Prayer rugs and Prayer books are provided. Important holidays and Eid celebrations are supported by the Chaplain’s Office as well as extra support and accommodations from the dining hall during the holy month of Ramadan. Students requiring specific needs around their particular branch of Islam should reach out to Rev. Maeba Jonas for support.


Local Places of Worship

For Christian Students

Christianity is widely practiced amongst Goucher students and there are opportunities for worship, fellowship and connection both on campus and close by. Our college Chaplain, Rev. Maeba Jonas, is an ordained Christian Minister in the United Church of Christ (UCC) and is always more than happy to speak with students about their Christian faith.

In addition, we are partnered with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and have a part-time campus minister who meets with students weekly for Bible Study and special events.


Campus Minister

Natalie Guajardo
Goucher Christian Fellowship


Local Places of Worship

Roman Catholic

Protestant Christian

Orthodox Christian


Additional Resource:

Towson Unitarian Universalist Church (UUA)

For APIDA Students

Goucher is also home to students from a variety of APIDA identifies (Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi Americans) and as such we have a number of students who identify either religiously, or culturally, as Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist or another similar tradition. Religious & Spiritual Life works closely with the Office of Global Education and the Center for Race, Equity and Inclusion to offer events around culturally significant holidays such as Diwali, Holi, Bodhi Day, Lunar New Year and other significant occasions. Please visit the Office of Student Engagement to find out how you can connect with identity-based student groups on campus.

Rev. Maeba has a background in Buddhism and Hinduism and has lived and studied in both India and Nepal. She is always excited to speak to students and support their religious and cultural development. Please reach out to Rev. Maeba Jonas via email, click here to book a time my calendar.


Local Places of Worship





For Spiritual (but not religious) Students

The Spiritual but not Religious (SBNR) identity is a growing community on all college campuses, and Goucher is no exception. That is why Religious & Spiritual Life has always worked to support both the religious student AND the spiritual ones. More and more students are coming to college with big questions and few places to turn to for answers without a religious identity.

If you are in the process of deconstructing your faith, or questioning the beliefs you were taught, then you have come to the right place. Please reach out to Rev. Maeba Jonas, or click here to book a time my calendar.

Follow our Events page for opportunities to connect with like-minded seekers.


Starting Mindfullness & Meditation

Rev. Maeba teaches a 4-part series to support students interested in learning about meditation and mindfulness. Follow the Events page for more information.

For LGBTQIA+ Students of Faith

God. Welcomes. All!

We understand that many of our students who identity of as part of the LGBTQIA+ Community may have come from environments where their sexual orientation or gender identity or expression were not welcome or may have been the cause of harm.

At Goucher, we strive to offer an open and affirming space that allows you to freely explore your faith or spiritual journey without compromising who you are.

Please see our Events page for opportunities to connect with other like-minded spiritual students through our W(H)oly Queer Gatherings.

Note: If you feel you have been discriminated against by one of our religiously affiliated advisors or student groups, please contact the Rev. Maeba Jonas immediately, or click here to book a time my calendar

You may also file a report with our DEIJ Council at any time by clicking here: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice page

For Faculty and Staff

Goucher College is a strong community, where members support one another, professionally as well as personally. We know that our personal situations often greatly impact our work and vice versa; it can be helpful to have ways to address these issues in the workplace. Rev. Maeba Jonas, Goucher's chaplain, is available to faculty and staff in a variety of ways:

  • Individual conversations: to discuss personal and professional issues
  • Prayer groups: aging parents and bereavement; other issues as requested
  • Life transitions: weddings, funeral or memorial services, baptisms, hospital visits

Please contact Rev. Maeba Jonas at 410-337-6048 or email chaplain@goucher.eduor click here to book a time my calendar

Our Campus Partners

Get Help With

Religious Observance Requests

For support around food, housing, time for holidays or prayer, or other needs to support your religious life on campus, please reach out to Rev. Maeba Jonas. The Religious Observance Request Form can used to make a formal request to the college or your instructor. 


Confidential Conversations 

Rev. Maeba is available to all members of the Goucher Community for confidential conversations. For conversations regarding gender-based violence (Title IX), discrimination, or other concerns, please do not hesitate to email or click here to book a time my calendar


Transporation to a Religious Service

We know that leaving a home faith community can be challenging and we wish to support you in attending services as a Goucher Student. While we do provide services in our Chapel for some major religious holidays, we know that these do not cover all of our students. If you need finantial support around transporation to a religious service that is not within walking distance of Goucher's campus, please contact Rev. Maeba for more information.  


Pearl Simon Award

The Pearl Simon Award is a scholarship given every year to a student interested in furthering their spiritual growth through a project, trip, or experience. More information is sent to students via email during the year.


Grief and Loss Support

As ordained clergy, Rev. Maeba is available for grief and loss counseling to any member of the Goucher Community. Please email or click here to book a time my calendar.

Rev. Maeba also works closely with the Student Counseling Center to refer for long-term support.  Click here to make an appointment with a professional counselor or call, 410-337-6481.