Religious & Spiritual Life

The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life at Goucher provides opportunities for students to:

  • Expand their awareness of what others believe and how they practice.

  • Deepen their own practice, beliefs, questions, and commitments.

  • Connect with others to explore questions of meaning and purpose

  • Explore questions of meaning and purpose

  • Engage in dialogue within and among different religious, spiritual, and world views.

Haebler Memorial Chapel , the Multifaith Prayer and Meditation Space (013 Wagner, Stimson) Esther Ann Brown Adler Hillel Lounge (Heubeck) are the primary locations for religious life at Goucher.

The chapel is open every day and evening (including weekends) for silence, solitude, and prayer. There are events scheduled in the Chapel (music, religious, other) as well.

Chaplain Cynthia Terry supports and oversees all aspects of religious and spiritual life at Goucher. Her office is located in the chapel basement.