Mindfulness, Prayer, Contemplation, & Stress Management

It can be easy in college (or as a working professional) to neglect the inner self or the life of the spirit. Busy-ness, homesickness, overwork, familial obligations--the list goes on and on. Fortunately, there are many resources at Goucher to help students, staff, and faculty attend to their inner lives and/or to cope with stress.

Spaces on Campus

  • The Chapel: Haebler Memorial Chapel is open during the day, many evenings, and on weekends. The main Chapel is available for prayer, meditation, sitting in silence, contemplation.
  • Multifaith Prayer and Meditation Space: Wagner 013, in Stimson:  This space is designed for students seeking a quiet place to meditate and/or pray. The space is supplied with Muslim prayer rugs, Qur'an and scarves; Buddhist meditation cushions and benches; a Hindu idol; Unitarian-Universalist chalice and hymnal; Jewish prayer books and havdalah spice box; crystals and plants for wiccan and pagan observances; Christian Bibles and prayer books; and more. 
    Labyrinth: our outdoor labyrinth is always available for walking meditation or mindfulness.
  • Meditation space at ACE: The Academic Center for Excellence (Julia Rogers 2nd floor) has a meditation space available for student use; a sign up sheet is provided.

Pastoral Support

The staff who work in Religious and Spiritual Life are all available for conversation and support.


Student Counseling Center & Student Health Center

Goucher has many resources for wellness in body and mind.  The Goucher Counseling Center offers short-term counseling, couples counseling, support gropus, consultation, and external referrals.  The Student Health Center provides medical care; in addition, there are complementary medicine offerings, including acupuncture.

Peer Listening

Talk to a peer who knows what it means to listen. Trained students are on call nightly, 7 p.m. - 2 a.m., during the semester. Call (443) 632-7799. More information is available at the Peer Listening webpage.

Virtual Resources

Through a simple search, you can find many online resources for guided meditation (visual and non-visual), learning to meditate and more. Here are a few sites to try. Please share if you find other sites you think would helpful to others in the Goucher Community.