International Student Support

Goucher College welcomes student from all over the world and is committed to being internationally engaged.  The services of the Office of Global Education are designed to help international students adjust to college life in the United States, create a community of support and position them to achieve success.


The Office of Global Education supports students who have international aspects to their identity, including:

  • F-1 visa holders
  • Other nonimmigrant visa holders
  • Recent immigrants or those in the process of immigrating
  • Dual citizens
  • Undocumented and DACA recipients
  • Third culture kids and Americans abroad


The Office of Global Education provides individual advising, advocacy, and community building for the international student population.  Areas of advising typically relate to:

  • F-1 visa application and immigration matters
  • Orientation to the U.S. culture and academic environment
  • Assistance with adjustment and cross-cultural communication
  • Understanding of college rules and policies
  • Using college resources
  • Academic strategies for non-native speakers of English
  • Financial concerns
  • Emergency situations regarding international students
  • Obtaining Maryland identification and federal Social Security number, when applicable
  • Complying with US federal tax obligations.

Please visit the links to the right to explore information about InterConnect, the upcoming international student orientation program, F-1 immigration rights and responsibilities, and cultural and social programs.  Let us know if you have questions or ideas to share with us!


If you wish to use a chosen name instead of your legal name on unofficial documentation or change your name and/or gender on official documentation, please click here for the steps to do so.