Elizabeth Statuta Baker '70 Public Service Award

The award recognizes private lives of aspiration and achievement - Goucher's ideal of women and men educated to meet the changing needs of a changing world.

The award is conferred on alumnae/i who demonstrate outstanding commitment and leadership in public service.  This service can be the result of a career or volunteer activities or a combination of both and must be supported by appropriate documentation from peers, public records, and media sources. Selected by the Public Service Awards Committee.

All graduates of Goucher College and all former students who have matriculated and successfully completed at least one year of study in the undergraduate program or in any Goucher degree program are eligible for nomination. Alumnae/i previously recognized by honorary degree, by the John Franklin Goucher Medal, current members of the AAGC Board of Directors and members of the Alumnae/i Public Service Awards Committee are ineligible. The Award may not be granted in absentia or in memoriam. Nominations may be initiated by any member of the Goucher community, past or present.

Considerations for nominees of the Elizabeth Statuta Baker '70 Public Service Award:

  • Lifelong Service
  • Breadth of service or intense focus on one organization
  • Mentoring others to lead or carry on service; role model
  • Number of people benefiting from services
  • Philosophy about service; directed choices, goal-driven; deep personal commitment
  • Unsung
  • Unique type of service; pioneering leadership
  • IMPACT of service on affecting CHANGE or INNOVATION
  • Nominees remain actively considered for a period of five years
  • Special consideration should be given to alumni who are celebrating a reunion so that there is more of a presence of their classmates and friends at the award presentation/celebration

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