Alumnae & Alumni of Goucher College (AAGC)

Learn “Who’s Who” on the 2020–21 AAGC Board of Directors.

Founded in 1893, the Alumnae &  Alumni of Goucher College (AAGC) is composed of more than 21,000 women and men who share the experience of a Goucher education. The association was incorporated as a non-profit Maryland corporation in 1920 and continued that independent status until May of 2002 when its Board of Directors voted unanimously for the AAGC to become a part of  Goucher College. As a result of this move, the AAGC now enjoys the benefits of a college-provided operating budget, professional staff support, and physical accommodations on campus at the Alumnae/i House.

The AAGC promotes the interests of the Goucher community through a number of special events and programs available to all alumnae/i, including:

  • AAGC annual meeting
  • Alumnae/i Weekend and milestone reunions
  • Annual Jewell Robinson Dinner
  • Legacy Program
  • Regional gatherings and networking opportunities
  • Young alumnae/i events

In addition, the AAGC gives alumnae/i a strong voice in college affairs through the Board of Directors and Alumnae/i Trustees.