Alumnae & Alumni of Goucher College (AAGC)

Welcome to the alumnae/i association, the Alumnae & Alumni of Goucher College (AAGC). After graduation and always, the AAGC is here to help you stay connected with the Goucher community!

Meet our 2023–2024 AAGC Board of Directors.

About the AAGC

Founded in 1893, the Alumnae & Alumni of Goucher College (AAGC) is composed of more than 22,500 women and men who share the experience of a Goucher education. The association was incorporated as a non-profit Maryland corporation in 1920 and continued that independent status until May of 2002 when its Board of Directors voted unanimously for the AAGC to become a part of Goucher College. As a result of this move, the AAGC now enjoys the benefits of a college-provided operating budget, professional staff support, and physical accommodations on campus at the Alumnae/i House.

The AAGC promotes the interests of the Goucher community through a number of special events and programs available to all alumnae/i, including:

  • AAGC annual meeting
  • Alumnae/i Weekend and milestone reunions
  • Annual Jewell Robinson Dinner
  • Legacy Program
  • Regional gatherings and networking opportunities
  • Young alumnae/i events

In addition, the AAGC gives alumnae/i a strong voice in college affairs through the Board of Directors and Alumnae/i Trustees.