Summer Session 2024 Courses

4 Credit Courses

Note: All are 4-credit courses, unless otherwise noted.  Courses that fulfill Goucher Commons Requirements are noted in parentheses with “GCR” and the requirement it fulfills. Students will be able to enroll in one session on myGoucher. To enroll in a second session, students will need to submit a course change form. All students may take a maximum of 4 credits in June and 4 credits in July. 

BUS 160 - Personal Financial Planning (4 CR) 

The purpose of this introductory course is to develop knowledge of the financial planning process and learn how to apply this process to your everyday life. An integral part of the study of personal finance includes employee benefits, financial planning, house-buying, credit borrowing, personal finance applications of time-value-of-money, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, taxes, and retirement planning. 

Summer Session I 

Format and Time: Asynchronous Online 

Instructor: Shadaei 

CPEA 211 – To Walk with Nature: Environment and the Artist (4 CR)  

(GCR Arts Area) (GCR ENV) 

This course examines the multiple relationships that exist between art and the environment. We will look at ways in which the natural environment has inspired artists and arts movements, and we will look at the Environmental Art Movement that uses art to advocate for environmental change. We will also explore ways in which specific environments (galleries, place-based installations, outdoor exhibitions, for example) influence the perception of art, we will examine environmental art movements, and study art exhibits that are related to specific environments. We will learn about artists who work in sculpture, music, dance, theater, photography and architecture to address environmental issues.  Students will engage in making environmental art projects based on their individual interests and art backgrounds, and they will work on collaborative art projects in media that may be new to them.    

Summer Session II  

Synchronous Online, Monday – Friday, 10-11:45 and 12:15-1:15 

Instructor: Michael Curry 

CPEC 214 - Culture of Protest in East Asia (4 CR) 

The course, although with global in mind, focuses on the East Asia (as a region and individually as China, Japan, Koreas, Taiwan, Hong Kong) has experienced an escalation in state-led interventions while in turn, protesters have taken to the streets to address a wide range of issues, including the environment, democratization, freedom of assembly, political corruption, etc. This course explores how literature, film, and art responded to and reflected and engaged with social movements and how political protests were shaped by and through cultural productions at crucial junctures in East Asia. The course proposes to stimulate a transnational and comparative discussion of multiple facets of cultures of protest and resistance in modern East Asia. For the Final project, students are not confined to East Asian region but are encouraged to explore and research other protests in the globe. 

Summer Session I 

Synchronous Online, Monday – Friday, 1:00-2:45 and 3:15-4:15 

Instructor: Clay Chou 

CPEC 253 - The Optimist’s Telescope: Futuring and Strategies of Imagination (4 CR)

When addressing social problems from climate change to homelessness, racial disparities to the impact of COVID-19, our solutions are often limited by what we can’t imagine; we try to paint pictures of what could be using only the palette of what already-is. This class is a laboratory of imagination, looking at the strategies of imagination that introduce futuristic and sometimes seemingly-impossible ideas, practicing mapping, learning from, and rearranging existing information into the possible and the necessary. Utilizing speculative thinking and borrowing from artistic strategies, studying social science and creative text, students will choose examples of problems from real life to explore and venture past what’s considered “unthinkable,” mapping out possible solutions and new ways of seeing. Students are limited to one CPE course per semester.  

Summer Session I  

Synchronous Online, Monday – Friday, 10-11:45 and 12:15-1:15 

Instructor: Hopper 

ES 140 – Introduction to Environmental Studies (4 CR) 


There is no relationship more important to society than the one we have with our natural environment. From the extraction of resources necessary for everyday life to where we put our waste products, from where we get our food to where we go on vacation, our dependence on and perceptions of the environment are fundamental to every aspect of our lives. Resource use and environmental management, in addition to being scientific and technological problems, are also inseparable from our political, economic, and cultural systems. Resource use practices and efforts to control nature are closely tied to power at every scale: local, national, and global. This course focuses on the social aspects of resource management across the globe. We begin by reading about and discussing some conceptual issues that are central to our understanding of environmental management. These include political economy, social construction of nature, and environmental economics. We then examine the interaction of these processes and problems through in-depth study of several issues, including energy use, agriculture and food, and conservation 

Summer Session II 

Asynchronous Online  

Instructor: Christopher Torres 

SP 120 - Elements of Spanish II (4 CR)  

Continued development of the four basic language skills-listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing-within the context of Hispanic cultures. Four contact hours. Prerequisite: SP 110 or SP 110V with a minimum grade of C- or placement exam.  

Summer Session I  

Synchronous Online, Monday - Friday, 10:00 - 11:45 AM and 12:15 – 1:15 PM  

Instructor: Maria Gomis-Quinto 

SP 130 – Intermediate Spanish (4 CR)  

(GCR FLC - Platforms 1 & 2) 

This course is designed to expand your knowledge of the Spanish language and explore the cultural diversity in the Spanish-speaking world through the development of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. This is the third and final course of the lower-division language sequence. Successful completion of this course fulfills Platforms 1 and 2 of the Foreign Language and Culture Requirement. Prerequisite: SP 120 or SP 120S or SP 120V, with a minimum grade of C- or placement exam.   

Summer Session II  

Synchronous Online, Monday - Friday, 10:00 - 11:45 AM and 12:15 – 1:15 PM 

Instructor: Frances Ramos Fontán 

WRT 206 - Professional Communication (4 CR) 


Open to students from any major, this course will develop and enhance students’ skills in a range of written and verbal communications in organizational settings. Students will work on a variety of projects, including standard business correspondence and career development documents in multiple platforms. Students will also craft persuasive arguments in the form of a longer researched recommendation report. Students will learn to write for a range of audiences. There will be an emphasis on presentations as well. Prerequisites: WRT 181 or WRT 181H or FYS 100W or CWP. Fulfills WEC requirement. 

Summer Session I  

Format and Time: Asynchronous Online. 

Instructor: Garrett