Officially Withdrawing from the College

Steps and Proceedures

  • Print the Official Withdrawal from the College form (PDF).
  • Contact the Assistant Provost for Integrative Learning office at 410-337-3075 or in Dorsey 205 for an exit interview appointment with the Assistant Provost for Integrative Learning (arrangements can be made for a phone interview).
  • After the interview you should mail, email or fax the signed withdrawal form to the Registrar.
  • Upon receipt of the withdrawal form, a copy signed by the financial aid and bursar's offices will be mailed to you.

NOTE: Official notification of the student's intention to withdraw does not occur until the withdrawal form is returned to the Office of the Registrar or the student otherwise informs the Office of the Registrar of his or her intention to withdraw. Attending a closing interview does not constitute notice of intent to withdraw or official withdrawal by the student.

A student who has officially withdrawn from the college must be reinstated in order to return. See Reinstatement.