Officially Withdrawing from the College

Steps & Procedures

      1. Complete the Official Withdrawal from the College form.
      2. Complete the Goucher Student Exit Survey
      3. Contact the Office of Retention and Student Success at (410) 769-5088 or to complete an exit interview.
      4. Drop off, mail or email the signed withdrawal form to Office of the Registrar at
      5. Students will receive a confirmation email to their Goucher Email within 10 business days of the form submission or the end of the semester of their enrollment. If you have submitted your Official Withdrawal from College form during a semester in which you are enrolled, your withdrawal will be processed after the semester concludes unless you indicate on the form that you are not completing the semester.

NOTE: Official withdrawal is not completed until the student has submitted the Official Withdrawal from the College AND the student has completed the Goucher Student Exit Survey.

A student otherwise informing the Office of the Registrar of his or her intention to withdraw or notifying staff or faculty outside the official form does not initiate the official withdrawal from college. Student MUST complete the official form and the exit survey in order to be fully withdrawn from the college.

A student who has officially withdrawn from the college must be reinstated in order to return. See Reinstatement.