Boot/Vehicle Immobilization & Towing Policy

The Office of Campus Safety uses vehicle immobilizers (also known as boots) as an additional parking enforcement tool. A vehicle boot is a device attached to the rear driver’s side wheel, which immobilizes the vehicle until it is removed by authorities with a proper key. The boot program will not replace the towing program but will be used in conjunction with towing to enforce campus parking policies in a timely and convenient manner.

Goucher College will continue to maintain a towing contract with Pollards Tow Company, located at 3 Ensor Ave., Towson, Md. 21204; 410-823-1808. Pollards is a licensed and bonded towing company. Facilities Management Services, in compliance with Maryland and Baltimore County law, has posted the Pollard’s towing signs on college property.

A vehicle will be subject to towing if it is:

  • parked in marked handicapped spaces without authorization;
  • blocking the roadway or blocking service or emergency vehicle ingress or egress;
  • creating a road hazard or damage to property or grounds;
  • displaying expired state motor vehicle registration or operated contrary to law;
  • deemed to be abandoned on college property; or
  • designated by the college through disciplinary action or hearing process as banned from campus.

Vehicle boots will be used under the following circumstances:

  • To immobilize vehicles that have been designated as habitual offenders. Habitual offender status is designated after a vehicle has received three citations in a single academic year (from September through August).
  • Upon receipt of the fourth and each subsequent citation, whether citations are being appealed.
  • To immobilize illegally parked unregistered vehicles to determine ownership.

Boot Notification Policy

When vehicles are registered with the Office of Campus Safety, a contact phone number will be requested. When a vehicle is booted, the office will send an email to the registrant’s Goucher account and/or leave a message on the registrant’s designated contact phone advising of the vehicle’s status. The registrant will have 48 hours in which to contact the Office of Campus Safety for boot removal. After 48 hours, the vehicle will be subject to towing. Failure to provide appropriate contact information with your vehicle registration may result in your vehicle being towed.

Boot Removal

Arrangements for boot removal may be made by contacting the Office of Campus Safety at 410-337-6112. Only campus safety officers are authorized to remove a boot from a vehicle. The regular removal fee is $150. If a boot is removed by anyone other than a campus safety officer or is tampered with in any way, the fee is $250. A replacement cost will be levied for a damaged or lost boot. Payment will be accepted by a major credit card, check, or OneCard.