Towing Policy

Goucher College will continue to maintain a towing contract with Pollards Tow Company, located at 3 Ensor Ave., Towson, Md. 21204; 410-823-1808. Pollards is a licensed and bonded towing company.  Facilities Management Services, in compliance with Maryland and County law, has posted the Pollard’s towing signs on college property.

A vehicle will be subject to towing if it is:

  • Parked in marked handicapped spaces without authorization.
  • Blocking the roadway or blocking service or emergency vehicle ingress or egress.
  • Creating a road hazard or damage to property or grounds.
  • Displaying expired state motor vehicle registration or operated contrary to law.
  • Deemed to be abandoned on college property.
  • Designated by the college through disciplinary action or hearing process as banned from campus.