The Brooke and Carol Peirce Center for Undergraduate Research in Special Collections

The Brooke & Carol Peirce Center for Undergraduate Research in Special Collections Fellowships are awarded for original research using Special Collections & Archives at the Goucher College Library. 

Peirce Fellowships grant undergraduates the opportunity to conduct significant original research that they would otherwise be unable to conduct using resources from the Special Collections & Archives at Goucher College. Each fellowship results in a tangible product, such as a research paper, website, short story, documentary, finding aid, or artwork. Fellows are selected each semester on a competitive basis and are awarded stipends up to $1,500.

The Center operates as a programmatic component of Special Collections & Archives of Goucher College and is directed by the curator of special collections and archives along with an advisory steering committee that includes faculty, staff, students, scholars, and the college librarian. Students can apply for Peirce Fellowships or Barnes Archival Fellowships.

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Brooke and Carol Peirce Fellowship

How to Apply

Brooke and Carol Peirce shared a deep love of the humanities and the arts. They sought to bring literature, history, drama, and poetry alive to their students and to deepen their creative and curious minds. In this spirit, please submit a one- to two-page proposal along with an application form. Download and print the Peirce Fellowship Application (PDF). Be sure to include what sparked your interest and led you to apply, as well as, your intended end product, any anticipated expenses, and previous research experience. Fellows are required to select a faculty sponsor.


About Brooke and Carol Peirce

Brooke Peirce (1922-2003), Goucher College professor emeritus of English, taught at the college from 1954 until his retirement in 1985. He twice served as chair of the Department of English and Dramatic Arts, and he taught Shakespeare, Renaissance, and classical literature. After Brooke’s retirement, he was an enthusiastic volunteer in Goucher’s Special Collections & Archives Department.

Carol Peirce (1922-2005), a longtime English professor at the University of Baltimore, was a specialist in modern British fiction and shared with Brooke a love of Shakespeare and Renaissance literature. She served as president of the International Lawrence Durrell Society and of the Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore.

Sally Barnes '46 Archives Endowed Fund

How to Apply

The Sally Barnes ’46 Archives Endowment supports initiatives that advance Goucher College’s Archives that include increasing awareness and access of Goucher’s archival collection. Please submit a one- to two-page proposal along with the application form and  be sure to include what sparked your interest in the Goucher College Archives and led you to apply, as well as, your intended end product, any anticipated expenses, what SC&A collections support your work, and any previous research experience. Prior to application, you are strongly urged to make an appointment to discuss your proposal with the SC&A staff.


About Sally Barnes '46

The Sally Gilger Barnes ‘46 Archives Endowment was established in 2008 by generous donations from family and friends in memory of Sally who passed away in February 2008. A 40-year College volunteer, Sally dedicated her time to various areas of the College, most especially the Julia Rogers Library. In 2003, she was awarded “Outstanding Volunteer” by the Maryland Library Association for the 13,500 hours she had dedicated to the Library. Much of her time was spent in the Archives, where her accomplishments were great—organizing and cataloging hundreds of photographs from the College’s 123-year history and processing department records.

Past Recipeints

2023 Summer Fellow

Nicole Mead '23

The Legacy, Life, and Collection of Alberta Burke. Nicole completed research on Alberta Burke and the legacy of her Jane Austen collection. From her research, Nicole created a booklet to help tell her story and have it reach a wider audience.

2022 Summer Fellowship

Oona McKay '22

Investigating the Goucher PFLAG Collection. Investigate how the collection's contents are emblematic of the ways in which people have understood and conceived of LGBT identity. How has it changed through the decades which this collection spans (and
which happens to be a period of immense change for the community)? View Oona's research.

2022 Spring Fellow

Khine Cho '23

John Ruskin: Relevancy to Modern Times.  Using John Ruskin's works in Special Collections, Khine discusses Ruskin's philosophy on Gothic ideals, minimal living, and how these affect Ruskin's writing and art.

2022 Spring Fellow

Keren Webb '23

A survey of clubs and affinity spaces at Goucher College. 

2021 Summer/Fall Fellow

Uyen Nguyen '22

An Oral History of International Students that not only recounts the kaleidoscopic lives of our international student population but also of the history of Goucher.  This collection is available on the Collaborative Humanities website.

2021 Spring Fellow

Grace Hong Platt '21

A project to celebrate Asian identity in Goucher College's community through various creative representations and interviews.  View Grace's website.

2020 Spring Fellow

Joshua Miller '21

"Restorative Action."  This collection of oral histories allows Black students at Goucher who were involved in the 2018 Blackout protests a space where they can memorialize their thoughts on the Blackout and the hate crime that sparked it.  View Joshua's website.

2019 Spring Fellow

Julianna Head '19

"Sara Haardt: A Life in Objects." Head used the object in Sara Haardt Mencken's collection such as a valentine she made her husband and a volume on Hergesheimer's The Three Black Pennys to talk about Sara's life.  

2018 Summer Fellow

Elisa Bickford '19

Processing of the Fleury Family Papers.  The Fleurys have lived in Woodbine since Paul Fleury came over from France in 1794. The Family Papers have over 200 years of correspondence and Bickford worked with Paul Fleury III's correspondence especially.

2017 Summer Fellows

Tristan Jones '18 and Nicholas Moore '19

Transcription of Henry B. Chew's Memoranda Book. This book lists the everyday happenings on Epsom Farm including information about enslaved and free workers.

2017 Spring Fellow

Marissa Spear '17

"The People's Revolution: Health, Geography, and the Black Panther Party." A Comparison of the health issues the Black Panther Party was confronting at their height of their work with the health issues that still plague black communities in Baltimore today. Her work can be seen in eScholarship@Goucher.

2016 Spring Fellow

Chloe Vogt '16

Book Arts Exhibit.  Vogt curated an exhibit on Books Art featuring artist's books and various book bindings.

2015 Spring Fellows

Micah Connor '16, Yabsera Faris '17, Nakpangi Ali '17, Nicole Wise '16

"Civil Rights: Goucher and the Nation, 1838 to the Present" timeline. This was a partnership with Assistant Professor of History James Dator.  The exhibit is available online.

2013 Summer Fellow

Gillian Ziegler '14

"Hans and Frances Froelicher Papers, and German Immigrants in Maryland." Worked with Professor of History Robert Beachy.

2012 Winter Fellow

Sara Torgerson '14

"Goucher College and the History of the Art Department." The project resulted in a written account of how Art and Art History were studied, a departmental history, and the department's interaction with the art collection. Torgerson presented at the Spring Symposium.

2012 Spring Fellows

Bryce Carson '13 & Jackson Gilman-Forlini '12

"Recovering a Lost World: Epsom 1772-1921." Epsom was an 18th-century farm that existed for 150 years on the land that is now home to Goucher College. Assistant Professor of History and Historic Preservation, Tina Sheller, with Bryce Carson '13, Jackson Gilman-Forlini '12, recovered the lost world of Epsom using records, artifacts, and archaeological remains to document everyday life at this important estate.  Their work contributed to the Epsom website.

2011 Summer Fellows

Lisa Charron '13

"La perspective girodin (The Girondist Perspective)." Charron conducted research on the Girondist perspective during the French Revolution using period French newspapers to culminate in a short story about Girondists during the French Revolution.


Andrea Heymann '12

"Goucher in the City: The History of Goucher College's First Campus in Baltimore." Heymann will developed the foundation for an exhibit showcasing the architecture at Goucher College's former campus in Downtown Baltimore. She researched various aspects of Goucher College's history through books, newspaper articles, blueprints, and other sources and photograph the old Goucher College campus in Baltimore, Maryland.

2011 Spring Fellows

Morissa Rothman-Peirce '13

Rothman-Pierce examine the illustrations found in different editions of Alice in Wonderland to create an exhibit and linoleum prints from her own artistic renderings.


Ben Snyder '13

For the 2011-2012 academic year, Ben was awarded the Mahoney Scholarship to spend the year at Oxford University's Mansfield College where he continued his research on Goucher College's co-founder and second president, John Franklin Goucher. His research focused on "Goucher College's commitment to study abroad from its creation beginning with Dr. Goucher's fascination with Egypt, including the two mummies he brought back to the United States in 1895."

2010 Fall Fellow

Dan Benyishay '11

Benyishay, an English and philosophy major, researched the history and provenance of the college's Oberdorfer Mark Twain Collection to create an exhibit.  The collection includes more than 250 works in their original bindings and housed in gold-stamped custom slipcases; there are also serial publications, documents, and broadsides.

2010 Spring Fellows

Oliver Cole '10 & Anne McLaughlin '10

Cole and McLaughlin researched a mysterious collection of rare maps dating from the 17th century and created an exhibit of digitized images from the maps. The exhibit is available online.


Lucie Ferguson '10

Ferguson, an art major, examined the illustrations found in different editions of Mother Goose rhymes to create her own artistic renderings of the verses. Ferguson created original illustrations and prints inspired by Mother Goose.  View the prints by Ferguson in eScholarship@Goucher.


Maura Roth-Gormley '10

Roth-Gormley investigated a diverse collection of archival materials on co-education at Goucher College and conduct oral histories for a research paper Better Dead Than Coed? Telling the Story of Coeducation at Goucher College that was her senior thesis. 

2009 Spring Fellows

Kate Dannals '09

Dannals conducted research on 20th century rare books collector Alberta Hirshheimer Burke in the Special Collections and Archives Department.  

Alayna Giovannitti '10

Giovannitti and Arnold Sanders, professor of English, explored the library's first American edition of J.R.R. Tolkien's classic novel The Hobbit. Their research inspired a daylong public reading and a publication on this rare holding.  You can view their research on The Hobbit Project webpage.