Art Galleries

The Silber Art Gallery

Exhibitions mounted in the college's Silber Gallery are part of the department's academic program, and visiting artists exhibiting there are invited to speak to our students in critiques, gallery talks, and slide lectures. Art majors are encouraged to apply for exhibition slots in the Corrin student gallery.

Silber Art Gallery

The Rosenberg Gallery

The Rosenberg Gallery is located in the lobby of the Kraushaar Auditorium, a 1,000 seat theater, and the 225-seat Merrick Hall. Art exhibits have been mounted here since 1962, and the gallery was renovated and renamed the Rosenberg Gallery in 1982, after Ruth Blaustein Rosenberg, Goucher Class of 1921. Operated under the auspices of Goucher's Art and Visual and Material Culture Department, the gallery presents five exhibits each academic year.Shows are selected around a central theme or concept. The gallery frequently exhibits artists from other parts of the region alongside Baltimore-area artists to help bring these artistic communities closer together and to promote exchange of ideas and information.

Rosenberg Gallery

The Bond Art Display Window

The Roselie Sturtevant Bond '40 Art Display Window is an installation space devoted to solo projects by artists working in video, sculpture, performance, installation, photography, and painting. The space focuses on promoting artworks that are tied into Goucher’s curriculum, presenting pieces by Artists in Residence, current students and alumni. 

Bond Art Display Window

The Corrin Student Gallery

The Corrin Gallery is a discreet space in the Meyerhoff Art and Theatre building dedicated to our students' use. Any student taking classes in the Art an Visual and Material Culture Department can apply to have a solo or group exhibition.  The gallery is funded by a grant from the Lahey Fund and is equipped with video projectors, monitors, and the tools necessary to mount a range of work. We encourage all our majors to exhibit in the gallery in their third year, either as studio majors gaining experience in anticipation of their thesis exhibition in senior year, or as arts administration and art history majors to gain experience as curators. If the nature of their work is further supported by it, the recipients of the Rosenberg Scholarship and the Spencer Award have priority in the fall semester for exhibiting the results of their research.


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Financial support and contributions provided by the Baltimore County Commission on Arts and Sciences, the Goucher College Center for Art and Media, the Lahey Fund, and other supporters of the contemporary arts.