Bond Art Display Window

The Roselie Sturtevant Bond ’40 Art Window is an installation space devoted to solo projects by artists working in video, sculpture, performance, installation, photography, and painting. The space focuses on promoting artworks that are tied into Goucher’s curriculum, presenting pieces by visiting artists, artists in residence, and alumnae/i. 


Current Exhibit

Christopher Lin

Earth Bound

On view March 25 - May 25, 2024

Baltimore-born, New York-based artist Christopher Lin, whose work engages art and climate change, will present a site-specific experimental installation inspired by the NASA Clean Air Study and collective dreams of space colonization. Earth Bound envisions the duality of being bounded to Earth, our home, while simultaneously searching for an Earth elsewhere in the cosmos. In the installation, live organisms reach for their subsistence in various ways finding themselves uprooted, surviving within highly artificial conditions.

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