What the Peace Studies Major will prepare you for

Vision: A community of learners dedicated to the pursuit of peace, justice and accountability in every aspect of our interaction in humanity.

Academic Rigor: Gain an interdisciplinary education with a deep and multi layered perspective into our interpersonal, community, global issues.

Writing Skills: Strengthen your skills in research, writing and analysis through classroom assignments, writing proficiency in the major, analytical thinking and partnerships with library staff to enhance your research.

Reflective Practice: Provide you with tools to become agents of change in interpersonal, intergroup and international levels and by becoming active citizens in working towards social change in our communities and the world.

Practical Experience: Connect our local neighborhoods to global. Through semester long study aboard programs and ICA's, community service and internship opportunities you will learn to apply classroom lessons to real world experiences.

Analytical Thinking: Think analytically and creatively on the origins and root causes of war, violence and conflict. Learn strategies for resolving interpersonal, community and global conflicts. You will critically engage and put forward alternative ways to transform and resolve problems and question the world around us.

Careers in Peace Studies
The degree in Peace studies prepares students for a variety of professions. Since the field of peace studies is interdisciplinary graduates can find careers in areas such as community activism, educators, advocacy, community and non government organizations, business and private sector, mediators, dispute resolution, researchers, government and federal jobs, international organizations, diplomacy, human Rights, labor unions, foreign policy, health, public policy, non-violence, journalism and media, economic development, law, environmental sector.