Learning Goals & Outcomes

Bachelor of Arts in English Literature

1. You will demonstrate your ability to analyze when you:

  •  read attentively and closely
  • understand the literal meaning of texts, including historically specific meanings
  • identify authorial choices, from micro to macro levels of a text, and consider the effects of those choices
  • contribute independently to ongoing disciplinary conversations, both in collaborative analyses (discussion) and in writing informed by scholarly research.

 2. You will demonstrate your ability to connect in your knowledge and understanding of:

  • a broad range of literature in English from the beginning to the present
  • the timeline of literary history, including the dates, chief characteristics, and major authors of recognized literary periods
  • the historical, cultural, and social contexts in which literary works are produced, and to which they respond

 3. You will demonstrate your respect for differences (class, race, gender) in your knowledge of

  • the impacts that literature has had and continues to have on cultural/historical, social/psychological, and political change

 4. Finally, your interpretations will benefit from your reflection on:

  • your own responses and preferences as a reader, and the meaning of literature and reading to you
  • your own strategies and choices as a writer, in terms of both process and finished product
  • your role in constructing the future meaning of “literature in English” as it will be read and taught

Updated: February 2018

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