Engineering Science Major

Beginning in Fall 2020, the Engineering Science major is a fully interdisciplinary program with a design emphasis, combining a foundation of core principles from the physical sciences and mathematics with broad skills-based preparation for solving real-world problems. This non-traditional curriculum prepares students to enter the worlds of technology, engineering, or scientific research, while removing the barriers to success often encountered in more narrow science or engineering majors. Key skills fostered in the program are problem-solving ability, quantitative analysis and numerical/software skills, computer programming, laboratory proficiency, successful written and oral communication, and the ability to work in teams to reach goals.

The curriculum is built around a 32-credit core, covering fundamentals of physics, math, chemistry, and programming, as is common to many pre-engineering programs. However, student pathways through the core credits have been reimagined: the first two years are intentionally structured to support student progress by providing a supported pathway through essential math and science courses. In their third and fourth years, students will specialize by choosing from among three tracks of 12 credits each, in which they deepen their knowledge base in one of Goucher’s science disciplines (Environmental Science, Chemistry, or Physics). The capstone experience is a senior design project. This flexible and cross-discipline structure, which is distinctive to the Engineering Science program, is ideal for undecided students who are interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) careers.

Students will ordinarily join this program as part of a cohort that will progress through the first years’ courses together.